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April 21, 2022

Introducing a bedtime routine is one of the most impactful aspects of parenting. It helps the child to sleep well under all circumstances. How about spicing up the routine with a book. It is helpful for bonding, mental development, and sleep stimulation.

While you choose bedtime stories for your kid, the books you read are equally important. The aim should be to impart language skills while bonding with the kid. Consequently, not every book will fit this activity. So what should you consider when choosing a bedtime story for your children? Here are a few insights.

Age of the Child - the value of a book or a reading session will depend on whether or not the kid understands the content. The child must seamlessly identify with the characters, plot, setting, and language used in the book. If the book is above the child, he gets bored with the exercise because he cannot understand. Choose a book for the right age.

Content of the Book - what type of materials are captured in the book? The range depends on the author and publisher. Choose exciting stories that fit the age and socialization of your child. You can get professional help from My Paper Done for your child with school assignments and free their mind in readiness for bedtime reading. The books should help your child morally, spiritually, socially, and mentally.

Intended Impact - what do you want to get out of the child? Is there a lesson you would like the child to learn? Do you wish to correct behavior through the stories? Choose a variety of books for each season to help the kid learn different aspects of life from time to time.

Structure of the Story - children's stories take a straightforward form. However, it gets complex with age. Choose a format based on the level of understanding of your kid. The best stories are short because the longer ones are difficult to process and may involve twists that a kid's mind cannot unravel.

Kids Preference - what kind of stories does your child like? You will notice a specific genre or character that your kid loves as you read the stories. Then, choose future books along with such preferences. While at it, do not hesitate to introduce new genres to your kid. It opens new learning and communication channels.

Bedtime Books to Read to Your Kids

Here are some excellent books to read for children before bed -

1. Nighty Night -

Nighty Night is the work of one of the most distinguished children's writers. Leslie Patricelli is famous for generously illustrated books. She gives her work a tender touch through simple language and stories that kids can relate to.

Nighty Night follows the routine children take before bed. The book highlights such steps as bath time, brushing of teeth, and storytime. The story also includes saying goodnight to the moon and a little dance. The book also comes with a glossary of more night-related activities, giving you a comprehensive exercise before the children go to bed.
2. Baby Touch and Feel Bedtime -

The book offers real photos of bed items for children. DK takes an interactive approach to bedtime where kids can touch images and feel objects associated with rest. Some items include a soft blanket, grippy slippers, and washcloths. It is recommended for children below four years to help them sleep alone and get familiar with the area around the bed.

3. The Going to Bed Book -

Sandra Boynton has used illustrations and silly rhymes to capture children's imagination during bedtime. The book easily captures the attention of children when happy and anxious. It tells the story of a group of animals on a cruise trip. They have adopted a familiar routine. Today, they are ready to go to bed, but their routine is interrupted by antics. It is interesting to see the story unravel.

4. Ladybug Girl Says Goodnight -

The book is written by Jacky Davis and illustrated by David Soman. The book captures the bedtime routine of Ladybug Girl; including her pajama moment with their dotted wings. It is part of the popular Ladybug Girl series. It is a perfect choice for sleep-seeking bedtime stories fans.

5. A Recipe for Bedtime -

Peter Bentley has written one of the most exciting bedtime stories. He then enlists one of the most celebrated illustrators, Sarah Massini. The twist in the story is where stuffed animals perform the sleep routine for the kids. The rhymes are so soothing for the kid. The story ends with a gentle lullaby that could replace the traditional ones many kids are used to.

Conclusion - Children's bedtime stories help your child sleep easily and quickly. Choose characters that will help your children to grow and impart lifelong lessons. Since children love illustrations, you should consider the best illustrations to make the storytime more engaging.

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