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Welcome to our client feedback page, where we showcase the positive experiences and feedback that our clients have left for us. At Books Chharming, we strive to provide exceptional book editing, formatting, publishing, and promotion services to help authors bring their stories to life. 

We take pride in the quality of our work and customer satisfaction, which is why we are thrilled to share our clients' feedback with you. We invite you to read through these testimonials and see why our clients have chosen us for their needs.

It was nice and perfect.- Acton Manning

Aakanksha not only provided swift and efficient book review services but also fostered valuable connections with media bloggers in India. Her assistance was pivotal in gaining insights from this continent for potential book translations. Throughout the process, I felt supported and nurtured by her direct connection and continuous assistance. A heartfelt thank you to Aakanksha, and I highly recommend her to future clients!- Elena V Amber

I collaborated with Aakanksha for a book giveaway, and the experience was smooth and professional from the word go! The giveaway was well-promoted for a week, and the exposure that the book garnered was beyond my expectations!- Rishi Vohra

Aakanksha's maturity and depth as a book reviewer are an absolute standout. Her expression, understanding, and reviewer sensibility are praiseworthy. Her review of my book, Why We Are Who We Are, is nuanced and brilliantly put together. I wish her the best in this important role of spreading the right awareness about books.- Meetu Bisht

Aakanksha, you have done an excellent job reviewing my book. Also, the interview questions were well thought out. I give you a five-star rating. Professional, timely, and just brilliant.- Sandip Badi

Great service, and it was promptly done, which is rare these days. Highly recommended.- Ejaz Ahamed

Very professional experience. Your insights are great.- Arvind Rishi

It was a good experience.- Abhishek V

I didn’t know that expressing my gratitude for your support on this journey of being heard and visible would be so difficult for me. And for an author to be short of words to express is big! There are very few people who live their purpose. And people who live their purpose soulfully are even lesser. I am glad that I found one. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being such a wonderful soul friend and being the biggest support in this unfamiliar endeavor. You made the whole process extremely simple and methodical. Your loving energy is extremely contagious, and I trust that it only grows by the day. Trust that you will continue to speak your truth in the most loving and authentic way and will continue fulfilling your purpose of being the voice of many indie and debutant authors like myself. Starting from the beginning till the end, it was a 5-star experience.- Sumiti Kapoor

I am satisfied and happy with your service.- V.S. Sury

Very professional with timely updates and communication, unlike other bloggers I have worked with.- Manikantan SU

I got honest, wonderful feedback from Books Chharming. Their social media presence helped me reach more readers.- Rajendra Sarilla

Very good service. I am satisfied with your service.- Shiv Kumar

My experience was great! The Books Chharming process was simple and effective. Definitely recommend it to any author looking to get their book noticed.- Cara Chugg

Nice experience, balanced review. Did justice with the book. Would like to work again in the future.- Sanjay Singh

With the mushrooming of self-proclaimed reviewers of novels, the authors face challenges in separating seeds from the weeds. I sought the book review services from Books Chharming, led by Aakanksha, and my confidence in her has not been misplaced. A competent professional equipped with a mature process, she faultlessly guided me through the entire journey, often keeping me on my toes. A stickler for minute details, she completed all the steps adhering to the committed schedule and published her review comments in time - a rare feat for me to witness. Unlike many, she has taken a deep dive into the story's core and made a laudable summary of the cardinal theme with commendable brevity and precision. I was happy to find several aspects on the side, likely to escape an average reader's notice, caught her attention, and were highlighted. It was a pleasure to find an experienced, avid reader to give my book, 'The Settled Homeless,' a thorough read. More so with her strongly recommending it in the end. My best wishes to Aakanksha and her team.- Rover V

Aakanksha is absolutely brilliant! She is a valuable member of the global book community!- Opeshum

Thought-provoking review and great online promotion.- Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj

Knowing that I have done a good job with my writing from someone like you, so well respected as a book reviewer, is a matter of pride and happiness. Thank you for reviewing my book.- Shibu Nair

A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! That's all I sum it up as.- Shubhan Balvally

Prompt, professional, thoughtful, and thorough.- Christina A. Kemp

I liked how you did your job.- Iris Novak

Aakanksha, you have done a terrific job reviewing my book, providing a very well-thought-out interview, and posting the finished articles to various media. You have been prompt to work with and easy to work with - especially taking onboard my suggestions for improvement of the review without offense. You are very well connected with your PR activities, and I have been most impressed with the variety of places my book review and interview have appeared. All in all, you have exceeded my expectations for services of this kind. I look forward to you reviewing my next book when it comes to life. Great to be connected with you on LinkedIn, and best wishes going forward.- Kim Bentley

Books Chharming does a great service to the literary world! They made me think about my writing in new ways, and it’s always neat when you get to learn more about yourself as an author.- Crystal Cherie

Thank you so much for the interview. The questions were well thought out and insightful. It was refreshing to take a deeper look into the world of writing, and I am greatly appreciative of the experience.- Michael Camarillo

I have to say these interview questions are unique and thought-provoking. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my writing with your readers. I wish you a successful future. Your work is valuable and a worthy endeavor.- Lori O'Gara

Books Chharming is a wonderful site to learn about your favorites as well as up-and-coming authors! Aakanksha gives authors like myself a platform to open up and let our readers get to know us better.- Peter Servidio

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you here. This was a really good chance to take a deep dive into the writing process.- Patrick LeClerc

The questions were well thought out and gave me a chance to dive deeper into my journey as an author. I’m so grateful for people like Aakanksha Jain who make it possible for indie authors to share their works!- Laura M. Drake

A huge thank you to Books Chharming for taking the time to interview me and give me a chance to share my stories! A class act all the way!- Michael K. Falciani

First, I want to take the time to thank Books Chharming for giving me the opportunity to be featured here. Anyone who gives up their time, effort, and energy to help somebody else succeed is truly doing a great service. Next, I would like to give credit to the in-depth questions. I’ve enjoyed answering them and they gave me a chance to express my books and the work that went behind. Thank you again for all that you do.- Stephen Christiansen

I’m thankful for the opportunity given by Books Chharming to share about my Sunspear Series. Thanks again to Aakanksha for all the hard work she does with authors to help promote their creations.- Elizabeth Lavender

I strongly believe in fast disappearing values of honesty and integrity. When I left my book in Books Chharming's care, I expected an honest critique from them. Well, the outcome was superb. I discovered several new insights into my book through their review. It sure was a revelation to me. My interview with them was another winner. Hats off to the whole team at Books Chharming. The whole experience has been memorable. I would join hands again with them with my next book. Best wishes.- Mukul Ranjan

You were professional and timely with your deliverables.- G B Prabhat

I appreciate the opportunity to answer some very well-thought-out questions regarding my novel and my journey as an author. Thank you!- Michael Paul Scott

I'm always grateful for the opportunity to share my and Marley’s journey with the world! Thank you so much to the wonderful Books Chharming site, for providing the space to me.- Nichola Zacher

The questions asked are wonderful and helped me think about my writing as much as what I am sharing with you. It actually gave me a little ego boost, and I am grateful for that because who doesn’t need that every once in a while.- KM Wilkerson

I really thank you for the opportunity for the interview. I found the questions to be engaging and make me think deeply, which I enjoy doing! Thank you for providing a platform for artists to share their messages and inspire others.- Jeffrey Kippel

Books Chharming is a fantastic site for both readers and writers; supporting the latter, and enriching the former. There are hours of fun to be had on the site, and the work they do is essential.- David Green

This was a great experience because it made me look at how I have changed on my journey.- J.A. Duxbury

Very big thank you to Book Chharming for allowing me this opportunity to share my story and promote my book “WHAT IF?” on their unique platform. It is very much appreciated, and I would highly recommend for any author out there that’s struggling with promoting their book to give Book Charming a call, ASAP!!!!- Difernt

The review process was clean and neat. Review and interview timelines were perfect.- Sudarsan Nagarajan

I am in debt to all reporters, bloggers, or readers who helped me promote my work and reach the public. For me, readers are a community with whom I can share all my feelings during the process. I thank Aakanksha Jain from Books Chharming to support me and introduce my literature to Indian readers.- Jorge Sanchez Lopez

Books Chharming gave me something that I had been seeking as somebody who was new to the world of fiction writing, a respect for what I had done, and an understanding of how important it is to be taken seriously as an aspiring author.  I'm very thankful for their time and efforts and would recommend them to any author looking to create a buzz for their work.- Robert Hoffman

I was impressed with the depth of questions posed by Books Chharming. They made me think about my work in new ways. What was more, the attention to detail was extremely professional. It was evident that the time was taken to get to know my work before I was sent the questions. This moved beyond the expected ‘tell us about your book,’ and allowed readers to get a glimpse behind the novels. It was indeed a pleasure.- R.M. Garino

Thanks for the opportunity! Assertive questions and I really enjoyed answering them. A very complete website and I wish you every success!- Stacy Maya

Books Chharming is a great resource for readers and writers alike. Writing and keeping up with a blog isn’t easy, but Aakanksha is making it happen. Her passion and love for books show in everything that she does. Authors appreciate good writers lift. It is invaluable. This speaks volumes of Aakanksha’s character as a person. I only hope to be as successful with my blogs one day.- Ina Grant

Books Chharming gives you an in-depth look into an author’s method and belief system which helps the reader understand his/her work better.- Renato Clarete Tranquilino

I liked the professionalism and adherence to a timeline.- Swapna Sanchita

A wonderful interview with interesting and in-depth questions. I can see why she is a successful book blogger.- Judith Moffitt

A passionate place for writers and readers alike, coming together over something we all love - books! It was such a pleasure to have this opportunity and be featured.- KT Wilder

I came across the Books Chharming website one day while surfing Facebook. I must say it immediately caught my attention. I ended up reading three articles back-to-back promising myself I will come back soon to check all the contents of the website. The website is designed beautifully and is an eye-catcher. The content provided is also point to point. I have bookmarked it on my laptop to check it out daily at least once. No doubt I am gaining knowledge on something or another and learning new stuff at the same time. Thank you so much Books Chharming for such amazing work.- Lamiya Siraj

Thank you for taking the time to look into my books and write the interview questions tailored to me. I really appreciate that and was a bit surprised (but also delighted!). I appreciate how thorough you are and how well thought out your questions are - I feel like you do an amazing job of helping your readers connect with the people you interview on a personal level, which is refreshing. Thank you for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see more on Books Chharming!- E. Paige Burks

A passionate place for writers and readers alike, coming together over something we all love - books! It was such a pleasure to have this opportunity and be featured.- KT Wilder

Writing has always been a solitary occupation, and so the opportunity to talk about it to an interested audience is always something I treasure. Thank you for a wide-ranging interview exploring many ideas - and thank you for all that you do here!- Alma Alexander

Books Chharming has been patient and professional in dealing with my procrastination!- JC Kang

Great questions, often from a different perspective. Some made me think. Great job!- Robert G. Williscroft

This was a well-thought-out questionnaire that really got me thinking of my responses. I had fun filling it out!- Raymond F. Klein

Aakanksha was both interested and interesting and I was intrigued and stimulated by her questions. I hope I get to work with her again and get back to this wonderful blog to be interviewed in the future. Thank you so much, Aakanksha.- Bruno Martins Soares

This was an amazing interview with amazing questions. If Books Chharming would allow me, I would love to come on again and talk about my next book. I hope to see more from you and keep up the great job.- Deston J. Munden

Books Chharming is a one-stop shop for reviews and interviews. And I am thankful for the opportunity to be featured there.- Zachary A. Pieper

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in an author interview on Books Chharming! I’m new to the interview game but thoroughly enjoyed it. The questions really made me think and got me excited about the writing process all over again. I feel recharged about getting back to work!- Ron L. Lahr

Thank you Books Chharming for offering a platform that includes indie/self-published authors in which writers can introduce their work to a wider and welcoming audience.- Patricia M. Muhammad

I love the questions you asked and I’m extremely grateful that you are featuring me and my work. This interview has been unique, fun, and engaging. I know time is important and once again, I thank you for the opportunity to share my work with you.- Madilynn Dale

I love how you have researched my books and what I write so your questions would be personalized instead of one-size-fits to all writers. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I enjoyed taking part, Books Chharming.- Merri Halma

I do a fair number of interviews for blogs. It was refreshing to receive thoughtful questions that I had not already been asked several times and really challenged me to provide meaningful answers. Thank you!- Chris Lodwig

I appreciate that the process was easy and straightforward to complete. Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on Books Chharming.- Christiane Joy Allison

It’s hard to find someone who is willing to share their time, resources, and space to give others a voice. Books Chharming gives those a voice, and a place to shout, ‘Here I am!’- Tory Gates

I’d just like to say thank you to Books Chharming for the interview and for supporting indie authors, your generosity and aid in our journey are truly appreciated.- PD Alleva

Beautiful questions. Beautiful website. I have read some of the content on the website, and I have bookmarked it on my Smartphone and PC browsers to come back. I will highly recommend it to anyone. Keep up the great work. Thank you once again. Cheers!- Nosakhare Collins

I came to Books Chharming by contact through Facebook. Then I agreed to the interview and spent time getting to know the blog and its content, the presentation of Aakanksha Jain and his photography, the interviews, the bloggers, the services, the guest posts. It seemed to be an interesting task for the dissemination of those of us who do literature. A remarkable effort on the part of Aakanksha Jain. An unbeatable contribution to readers. An infinite, exceptional task. Thank you Aakanksha Jain for so much effort and enthusiasm.- Antonio Rolando Arenas

I’ve really enjoyed my experience of being interviewed by Books Chharming. Great questions!- Darian Smith

How can anyone not like the title: Books Chharming? It drew me in. How lovely is that website? There is a wealth of information and reviews that could keep me interested for a long time. A lot of foreigners like me, just don’t realize the diversity of scholars India has..we can learn so much. Thank you for featuring me.- Michael Ross

Thank you, Book Chharming. Your questions probed into my background and into my book, but they also forced me to think about the psychology of being an author.- Neil Kitching

It's easy to see why Books Chharming is India's leading book blog. They are truly passionate about books! My author's interview with this blog was a delight. I enjoyed having a chance to answer thoughtful, engaging questions about my books and writing process. This is a site you definitely need to bookmark, both as a reader and author.- John Coon

I’ve done countless interviews about my books and answers so many questions about writing techniques, but Aakanksha Jain asks some of the best questions. Her questions aren’t just unique, rather she’ll transcend all the commercial “talking points” and engage in a conversation that brings out the essence of one’s career.- Michael Jolls

My experience with Aakanksha at Books Chharming was wonderful. She asked in-depth questions that left lots of room to answer. The book reviews and articles are top-notch and informative and brought a lot of books and writers to my attention. A vital, can’t-miss resource!- Jonathan Pembroke

I’m amazed at Books Chharming's ongoing mission to introduce authors to the world and give readers a chance to know more about them than they’d get from looking at a book cover (if they even found them at all). You can see the passion and interest they provide in every interview and feature. I’m thankful to be a part of this experience.- Glen Dahlgren

I’d like to thank Books Chharming for their great work in helping authors and giving them another platform to be heard. For going out their way to take the time to interview and support an author who may never get the chance they deserve.- Jason Cook

It was an outstanding experience to work with Aakanksha Jain.- Mahuaa Banerjee

I found my interview with Aakanksha Jain to be one of the most thorough and engaging I've ever experienced. The questions were knowledgeable about science fiction and I responded easily and enthusiastically, turned this way and that as they opened up different aspects of the subject. Indeed, it felt like a real-time interview, as if she and I were sitting in the same room. I look forward to working with Aakanksha in the future and I heartily recommend Books Charming to all writers.- John B. Rosenman

I found the questions to be very well prepared. I had fun answering them. This is my first interview and I was a bit nervous but your questionnaire is friendly and precise. Thank You for this opportunity.- Sharie Anne

I loved the questions that Aakanksha asked. They made me think about my work and my writing journey in a way I hadn’t before. I am so grateful that she gave me the chance to share my experience as a writer, and I hope it will encourage others to pursue the craft.- Nancy Christie

It was good, professional, and timely. Very organized. I would have liked the review more refined particularly though! I did find that authors of non-Indian origin are given undue recognition compared to Indian women authors, writing about Indian characters. As a debut author, I have been noticing this trend among Indian reviewers. We should appreciate our stories, the stories that we have been experiencing with our thought process as well, along with others.- Malini Amaladoss

Thank you Books Chharming for this opportunity to be featured on your blog. This was a fun and comfortable interview to do and I’m glad to have been a part of it.- Magdalena Leveque

I've done quite a few interviews and this one was one of my favorite ones so far. Interesting questions that gave me room to give entertaining answers. Thank you so much for this opportunity!- Nikki Nelson-Hicks

Books Chharming asks well-rounded questions that make the author think about every part of writing and their journey through their writing. Thank you for your services.- A.G. Flitcher

Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to be a part of what you’re doing. It is wonderful to see the work and dedication that you put in. It’s my honor to be a part of it.- Matthew Moyer

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to be a part of your program.- Scott W Kimak

Thank you so much to Books Chharming for featuring my work! Efforts like this help spread the word for authors and help get our books in front of our readers. Promoters and reviewers are a huge part of the process to get a book in our readers’ hands. Thank you!- Alice Liddell

Great questions. Great platform. New audience to introduce myself to.- Margot Martin

This is my first big interview. The questions are great, comfortable, and intelligent. I feel like we were sitting and talking, not me looking at my phone trying to figure out what to say.- Angela Yturbe-Rozar

Books Chharming has a gift of encouragement. They breathe life into deflated authors, and after resuscitating them they pat them on the back of lower if needed and off we go again, thank you for this wonderful service.- William David Ellis

I feel you are doing a great job promoting and drawing attention to writers' works, irrespective of race or gender. I must equally add that this is the most engaging interview I have ever had. You took the time to read through my works and to get to know me; thus, your questions were spot on. Please, keep it up.- Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

I highly recommend working with Aakanksha Jain! I worked with her when she interviewed me for my children’s book, Samson’s Tail!! She was very organized, flexible, kind, and helpful, and I am so happy with how the interview turned out! If you are looking to promote your book and share your mission she is a wonderful resource!- Mercy Hansen Mize 

Thanks so much for your generous review of my book Aakanksha Jain. The way you were able to point out the most important messages I wanted the readers to grasp in my presentation was right on target. Thank you for your compliments of how engaging and the book was to read and noting the personal benefit you gained while reviewing the book. This made me feel good about my work and that I was right on target. I felt your review was comprehensive and convincing such that anyone seeking viable tools to manage stress-related emotions while building confidence is sure t benefit from the Rational Emotive Train. This is great; it is not the type of book one will read and put on the shelf to collect dust, it’s one they will keep handy as a daily reference. Thank you again for your insightful review of my book.- Joseph L Gill

A series of thoughtful questions. I enjoyed answering it.- Andy N

This website does a fabulous job of connecting some lesser-known authors with readers who will enjoy their work.- Arlene Lomazoff-Marron

Very professional and knows her craft! Certainly recommend!- Wisdom V Mupudzi

Thank you very much for interviewing me and for giving me a chance to appear in Books Charming. I wish Books Chharming continue to carry out to support the writers from anywhere in the world to have their words spoken out for the world.- San Lin Tun

Very professional and competent reviews.- Vivek Atray

Worked with Aakanksha Jain through my publicist and was very happy with our arrangement. Recommended.- MJ Preston

Thanks to Aakanksha and Books Chharming for the thoughtful and in-depth questions, and the opportunity to share my book, The Creature Under Your Head.- Morey Kammerman

Aakanksha, it was a pleasure to work with you, and I appreciate the special advice on my Indian author website.- Gary F. Bengier

It was an amazing experience. You were always helping and making things clear whenever I've any doubt. Such humble and sweet behavior and awesome service.- Sadia Khalid

Aakanksha is very professional and lives up to the expectations she created during the first interaction. Reviews are to the point, honest, and lucidly written.- Anilson

Excellent and professional review services. The review itself clearly demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the book topic. Thank you Aakanksha.- Dr. Thomas Jordan

It was very professional and deliverables were on schedule. Very detailed review, appreciate the work is done by Aakanksha.- Joshua Francis

I really enjoyed working with Aakanksha at Book Chharming. I could tell from her review that she spent a lot of time reading the book and didn't just skim it. Her review was thoughtful and engaging. It also impressed me that she wrote a meaningful review that got at the heart of what my book was about. She followed through on her intentions by placing the reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and on her website. Also, the Q and A she gave me was the best one I've had to date. You could tell they weren't generic questions but were well thought out from her reading and understanding of the book. You won't be disappointed with Aakanksha's work.- Blaine Langberg

Very helpful.- Arsch Sharma

The review was an in-depth one, catching the essence of the book. Also the feedback regarding the need to proofread the book was helpful. Prompt service as promised.- Aabha Rosy Vatsa

Thank you so much for the interview. It was indeed an enjoyable experience, especially in this lockdown period. You are doing excellent work while reviewing books of various genres. I hope to have more interviews with you in the future. I wish you all the best.- Karuna Sinh

Dear Aakanksha, Thank you very much for publishing our interviews. It is a much-needed boost to our book. The questions are pertinent and the interview was much appreciated by those who saw them. You have helped in throwing light on a unique and less facet of Indian history. Best Wishes.-Randhir Sinh

A very big thank you to Aakanksha Jain at @bookschharming for her excellent efforts in reviewing my fantasy novel, The Pearl of Immortality, and for her exemplary undertakings in the book’s promotion. Greatly appreciated!- Nishi Chandermun 

Aakanksha has been great to work with. She is honest and perfect in her communications. It has been great to work with someone who cares so much about what she does. I hope that others will have the fantastic experience of working with her!- RJ Parker

Absolutely amazing interview! I really enjoyed the experience and hope to do more with Books Charming in the future!- Annabel Allan

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I really enjoyed answering your questions and getting the opportunity to share more of my life with the world.- Patricia Elliott

Thank you Books Chharming for posting my interview! The form was really easy to fill in, the questions were well designed, and the interview went up very quickly. I got a very good response when I shared it on social media.- Alice Renaud

It has been a pleasure interacting with Aakanksha as she reviewed my book Arrive At Success. I like her candor and her sincerity. Would recommend her to authors.- Sandeep Nath

Aakanksha is a fabulous book blogger, reviewer, and promoter. We worked together in multiple ways for my first book Better Off Bald, a medical memoir. Aakanksha provided an honest, thoughtful review of my book, which she promoted on social media. She also allowed me to do an author interview. Best of all, she facilitated an Instagram giveaway which led to more followers for me and more readers in other countries. Aakanksha is professional, knowledgeable, and an asset to any author.- Andrea Wilson Woods

Working with Aakanksha was great. She is a professional blogger who gives a fair review of your work. I look forward to work with her again in the future and also recommend her.- Rohan from VIJ Publication

It was a nice experience to have collaborated with Aakanksha. The questions I was asked in the author's interview were entirely relevant to the theme of the novel and the purpose of bringing this novel to the readers. Keep up the good work.- Tarun Vikash

Books Chharming and Aakanksha Jain proved to be an excellent choice to promote my book. She was meticulous and prompt with all her work. She has helped me with sharing my book review and my interview with her vast network over various social media platforms. Her candid review not only gave a true insight into my book but also provided thoughtful feedback for me to take back. She would definitely be my first choice for my upcoming work. I want to thank her and give her best wishes for all her future endeavors.- Archana Abhishek

Thank you, Aakanksha, for your fair and honest review. It's pretty much the same way I'd have assessed my own work. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the case studies...they're my favorite part as well! Stories can convey more than anything else I could want to write.- Renu Arora

Hello, Book Chharming (and Sassy Brit) I really enjoyed this interview.!. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. I appreciate your generosity and kindness in supporting all authors. I hope your friends/followers enjoy the interview. Writing is always a journey and learning experience. I'm not sure we ever get to the end of that journey. But...beginning a new book is always a great adventure for me. Seeing it come to a conclusion is a great feeling. Here's wishing happy reads to everyone! Isn't this a great way to pass your time,,, curled up with a great book? Wishing the best to you, Book Charming, and to all your fans!- Keta Diablo

I love that my author assistant, Sassy Brit arranged this interview. A rare opportunity to speak on things that mean a lot to me. Thank you Books Charming. I will be available from lovely Oregon for comments.Anne Schroeder

Thank you, Aakanksha, for the interview. This really helps a writer to get his work known. And everything looks so perfect! Greetings from a happy writer from The Netherlands!- Koos Verkaik

My thanks to Aakanksha Jain and Books Chharming for conducting and publishing a great interview. Every aspect of the interview process was both delightful and professional. Again, thanks for a job well done!- Ed Duncan

Elegant design and perfect written content. A very admirable experience indeed! Dear Books Chharming, keep rising, keep inspiring.- K. Hari Kumar

My experience with Books Chharming was positive and enjoyable.- Tim Cundle

Aakanksha has given an honest review of the story that I came up with. She has a good rapport and trustworthiness with the brand she has created. Her reviews are frequently appreciated and she has quite a good following base in Goodreads. I would prefer to stay in touch for further reviews or proofreading.- Rishav Sharma

Books Chharming and Aakanksha Jain are synonyms in the world of book reviewing. She is thorough, meticulous, unsparing, uncompromising, and incisive in her book reviews and author interviews; in short, she's a complete professional. That's as far as the context of book reviewing is concerned. Outside of it, she is entirely different - courteous, respectful, and charming. She is one of those girls who took the male-dominated world of book publishing, and other related fields head-on and successfully made a mark for herself in that world. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her book reviewing services to all those writers who are looking for a worthwhile book reviewer. Blessing & best wishes to Ms. Aakanksha Jain in all her creative endeavors.- Shyam Sundar Bulusu

Aakanksha is a thorough professional and her reviews are crystal clear. Enjoyed working with her and will continue for my next book surely.- Sridhar Ramachandran

It's been a good start working with you. Thank you for writing and publishing your honest review of my book, and hopefully, things will turn out well and better. I look forward to collaborating with you again very soon. All the best!- Ajay Bhootra

Every professional is defined by their quality of work and their professionalism. Aakanksha is among the best in both those facets. I learned a lot from her about professional attitudes, ethics, and output.- Arjun Gupta

Your review has been candid. You've mentioned grammatical errors in the book. I would be thankful if you can highlight them chapter/para wise to enable me to take care of them in the future. Overall review was good.- V. Subramanian

The services provided by Aakanksha was excellent. Would love to work again.- Kling Johnson

It was a good experience, professional, and helpful.- Jay Kerk

So far the experience has been good. I received prompt responses and services from Books Chharming.- Joseph Mani

A very honest review and detailed description of the stories in my book. It felt good to read the review when the reader could exactly fathom the emotions I tried to weave in there. I would definitely work again with Aakanksha for her honest review and punctuality.- Manali Debroy

Excellent work. I would recommend Aakanksha's services and would love to work with her again.- Tanmay Kumar

My experience was good. I would like to work with Aakanksha again.- Abhaidev

Amazing. The services provided by Aakanksha are the best.- S.P.B Berry

Aakanksha was fantastic with her help in promoting my book. She offered honest book reviews. Her network of readers would certainly have read her reviews and might have made an informed decision about my book. She also blogged an interview with me which helped me introduce myself to her reader community.- T. Sathish

When you are working with Aakanksha, you are working with a pro. In all my interactions with her, she has been timely and meticulous. I have never had to pester her for anything. She always responds quickly or before I ask. I asked Aakanksha for a review of one of my works, but instead of writing a glowing one as many paid reviewers would do, she wrote an honest review. The lady has ethics, which are in short supply these days. I would much rather have given an honest review than a glowing one, from which I learn nothing. I wholeheartedly recommend using Bookscharming's services.- Phil Slattery

My overall experience was good. I would love to work with Books Chharming again.- Deepa Iyer

I had a wonderful experience! I loved answering the interview questionnaire. Pleasure working with you.- Shalini P Sawkar

Good service. Prices could be competitive. Thank you.- Vaishnavi Sanoj

Friendly and professional people. They have carved a niche for themselves in book reviews. Aakanksha's reviews are honest and insightful. The review completely captures the essence of the book. Highly recommended her and would surely work with her again.- Swaminathan Kathiresan

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