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Welcome to Books Chharming, the online home of Aakanksha Jain, a passionate book blogger, reviewer, author, and influencer who believes in the transformative power of reading. 

With over five years of experience, Aakanksha is on the list of Top 60 Best Reviewers on Goodreads, the Top 100 Indian Book Review Blogs and Sites, the 30 Best Asian Book Blogs and Sites, the Top 10 Book Bloggers in India by Literary Insight, the Top 10 Book Bloggers by Kitaab, Indian Top Blog 2018, Best Blogger of the Year 2020 by Literary Mirror, Top 30 Asian Book Blogger and has been recognized as a Verified Amazon Influencer. In 2023, she made it to the list of Top Indian Book Reviewers by Zorba Books.

As a top book blogger and reviewer in India, Aakanksha is dedicated to sharing her love for literature with others. Her two books, How to Become an Amazon Influencer? and Reflection, have been well-received by readers, and she is proud to have co-authored four anthologies. Through her writing and reviews, Aakanksha hopes to inspire others to discover the joy of reading and to share their own literary journeys with the world.

Born and raised in Indore, India, Aakanksha is a commerce graduate and former teacher turned full-time blogger with a readership of over 1.44 million. Her love for books led her to create Books Chharming and turn her hobby into a profession. 

She's worked with over 500 authors and partnered with publishing houses worldwide. Aakanksha has also written for The Daily Hunt app, reaching an impressive 1.9 million followers.

But Aakanksha's talents don't end there! She's also a podcaster, social media content creator, and avid reader. An Aquarius soul, she is known for speaking her mind and always being honest in her reviews. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys exploring new restaurants and cafes, nature walks, and binge-watching her favorite shows.

However, Books Chharming is more than just a blog - it's a community of passionate readers, writers, and publishers. We strive to inspire others to discover the magic of literature. Our blog features a wide variety of book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, and literary news. 

Join us today and become a part of our bookish family!