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January 26, 2020

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Westland
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2017
Language - English
ISBN - 978-9-38685-055-3
Pages - 221

My Review - 

You Are the Best Friend is a sequel to You Are the Best Wife, written by Ajay K. Pandey. In the first part, he shared a love story of him and Bhavna. The way they met, got married and cut away. 

I read the first book in 2017, and it is that kind of story that touches your heart and leaves you with tears. Now I finally got the chance to read the second part, which is based on the author's life after the untimely demise of Bhavna. 

Ajay was in depression after Bhavna's death. He loses touch with his friends and tries his best to look happy in front of her mother. 

He lost interest in his job and one day went to Rudraprayag for the Art of Living program. Ajay lost his faith in God after what happened with Bhavna and seeks an answer to life after death.

He befriended Anisha. She is a believer and challenges Ajay's lost beliefs. They shared a gentle and soothing connection and relished each other's company. 

Ajay struggled to find a publisher for his first book, You Are the Best Wife, while Anisha came up with unusual book promotion ideas. I loved their first attempt at a mini launch, which turned into a micro one, in the author's words. 

Ajay's story is heart-touching. One can easily connect with it because his emotions and pain felt real. I love the first book, and I like this one too. 

After Bhavna, Anisha played a significant role in his life. He mentions that he meets Bhavna's parents and spends time with them; it shows that he values relations even after losing the person who unites them.

Although I don't like the way Ajay K. Pandey stereotypes ladies by stating, "Being a girl, Anisha stood by her dharma. First, she called me to hang out at a place like Dilli Haat. Second, she was late. Both reasons were sufficient to commend her dedication to womanhood." 

I know many men who never show up on time while being a woman; I am very disciplined and show up earlier rather than late. Also, Ajay's doctor's statement felt stupid, "Depression is a problem of the intelligent. Fools never suffer from it."

I cried a lot when I read the first novel, and this book is no exception. I would definitely recommend this fast-paced moving book to everyone. 

I picked the first copy of the book, wrapped it in a red colored t-shirt. A girl's t-shirt. I thought I heard a strange voice. I am not sure what was going on in my head. I pulled the book out of the t-shirt. I dug a pen out of my jeans pocket and wrote on the first page,
 You are the best wife!
 With love,
 Ajay K. Pandey
I repacked the book carefully in the t-shirt and threw it into the flowing waters below. Inch by inch, the Yamuna swallowed my creation. I smiled with tears in my eyes. My smile was a happy one because I had presented my first author-signed copy.

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