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August 18, 2020

My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Non-Fiction/Spirituality 
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-64983-193-4
Pages - 37

My Review - 

A debut book written by Anilson (pen name) is based on learning spirituality through observing the natural elements. There are so many books available on Spirituality, but most of them revolve around religious principles. Even when we talk or heard about a book based on this topic, the only thing that comes to mind is evangelistic preaching. But I am glad that the author offers a different approach. 

Anilson guides us to a different pathway to derive the lessons from Earth, Wind, Water, Sky, Fire, Moon, Sun, Python, and Honeybee. Human beings are multifaceted and selfish creatures. We neglect the fundamental characteristics of the offering; all we want is to receive from others. In the process, we exploit all the natural reserves and avoid showing any kind of gratitude. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Earth is considered a mother because it nurtures its children and supports their needs; in return, we abuse it every day. 

We take everything for granted, and if we didn't stop or think about creating a balance, then doom's day will come way too sooner. Many mortals believe that being spiritual is equates to being pious, which is pretty incorrect. Spirituality is linked to self-peace and enlightenment. It helps people grow and gives them a purpose. While religion is all about devoting energy to one entity and follow its principles blindly without raising a sole enigma. 

The author clearly knows that every human being is different, and their approach to teachings is based on their mindsets, but continuous learning is a part of the process. This book is written for everyone; whether you're spiritually inclined or not, you'll effortlessly get the lessons and reflect on the decisions you made till now. The book is precise and not losing its purpose at any time. There are some punctuation errors in a few chapters, the language is explicit, but some terms impressed me. Overall, I enjoy reading this fast-paced spiritual guide and highly recommend it. 

Lessons I learned from the book -

1. Be selfless and help others.
2. Be kind and calm.
3. Focus on personal growth.
4. Be boundless.
5. Keep in curb your sense spleens. 
6. Don't run towards perfection all the time. 
7. Try to accept the shortcomings of yourself and others. 
8. Be a true leader and assist others when the time comes.
9. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. 
10. Everyone is born with a purpose, so do your job in the best way you can. 

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