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August 17, 2020

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - Self-Help/Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
Pages - 40 

My Review - 

Before we get into the details of the review, let's just understand the meaning of Graphene. It is one million times thinner than paper, used in bulletproof jackets, it is one of the most vital elements ever invented, and so on. Graphene's attributes are phenomenal, and through this book, Joshua Francis guides us on how we can follow its properties and apply them in our lives. 

It is divided into five chapters, and like his previous book, Uncut Diamond, it is also a compact and fast-paced read. In the first chapter, Mindfull or Mindful, the readers self-reflect their journey and understand how technology side-track our minds. He further describes the impact of positive and negative thoughts. 

In Heart - Light-Hearted, the author shares a quote that instantly becomes my favorite, Age is no guarantee of wisdom and understanding. We all know some people who are old, but they lack knowledge. While some of the young people have more enlightened, and elders shut them up by saying that they don't know enough. This chapter will show you the real meaning of wisdom and the importance of relieving your heart. 

Light and Strong Body, something we all need to focus on because our body is our temple. Most of the time, we filled it with unnecessary items; due to COVID 19, everyone's lives come to a halt, and due to lack of physical activities, we are accumulating calories and fat a lot. I am also not very active, and the current situation is not helping me, but after reading this chapter, I made some changes in my morning routine. It's the number one advantage of reading a non-fiction novel as they motivate you to do something. 

Conversation with Grace, the way you communicate with others, says a lot about yourself. We all know that there are different communication types, but only a few will use them effectively. Joshua Francis describes how we can communicate with other people without losing our identity. 

The last chapter, Increase your Influence with Ease, becomes my favorite because of my profession. The author explains the importance of personal branding, using time efficiently, trusting one's capabilities, and how one can stand out in the crowd. By going through all the steps and changing the habits will leads you to a positive place. If you're looking for some short and inspiring non-fiction book, pick this one. I recommend it. 

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