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September 13, 2022

My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Non-Fiction
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-5659-482-1
Pages - 94

Gaia's Own: Every Child's Guide to Living in Harmony with Nature by Dharshana Bajaj

Book Review - 

Gaia's Own is a debut book written by book editor and artist Dharshana Bajaj. The whole concept of this book revolves around saving the environment, and it is one of a kind book that I read this year and enjoyed immensely. 

When I picked this book, my first question was, what is Gaia? 

She is a Greek Goddess of Earth, mother of all, and according to scientists, our planet is one humming and breathing organism, and they call this the Gaia hypothesis. 

This book is filled with valuable information and examines our behavior towards mother Earth. The narration is in the form of emails between Satvika, an academy lassie, and her grandfather, a wildlife shutterbug. 

Satvika's principal decided to have Earth Hour in the school curriculum, where the kids spend one hour daily amidst nature and talk about the atmosphere; they also need to do presentations. This whole initiative opened a trail that Satvika never envisioned. 

In their emails, they talked about Earth's deteriorating situation, human negligence and how it is affecting the present, and what will be the future if humankind doesn't get along with nature. 

In addition, the author provides some archaic civilizations and their methods and uses them as a reference, also about some countries who are trying to do better and be better. 

However, the critical element is to understand that there is still a chance to save the Earth, and each person has a duty and needs to do whatever they can to help and avoid the carbon footprint. Dharshana Bajaj also provides a few solutions after each chapter and meaningful quotes to assist you in attaining Gaia (to be one with nature). 

We need to understand that climate change is actual, and we see the news of catastrophic events worldwide. Still, most of us are doing nothing to help, not even acknowledging the problems. We need to educate ourselves and the kids so that we all can make conscious and informed decisions and discover more suitable solutions. 

This book aims to raise awareness, and I am delighted to come across it. Of course, it is the best book for your child to make them understand the environmental issues we're facing, but I suggest everyone should read this book because many of us are still living in a bubble where these subjects don't exist, but they are, trust me. 

This fast-paced book provides insights, and pearls of wisdom, with a philosophical touch. I highly recommend it.

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