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May 24, 2022

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Saga Fiction
Genre - Horror
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English 
Pages - 75

The Séance That Never Dies

Book Review - 

The Séance That Never Dies is a debut short horror story by M.Q. Nguyen. It is about Maggie, who cannot deal with the death of her only child, Carrie. Maggie and Jack lost their daughter because of Cancer, but there was more to the story, according to Maggie's mother. She thinks that there is something evil in the house, and that's why they lost Carrie.

Jack, who is not a believer in ghosts and spirits, ignore these, but he still decides to move to a new house. Unfortunately, it was a big house for two people, and Maggie was still mourning. From her POV, Jack pretends that everything is fine and tries to be with her, but there is something off, something unsaid but clear that their union is heading towards ending. 

Maggie started feeling that Carrie's spirit looming around her and decided to make contact with the help of her new neighbors. She soon realizes that Carrie is fighting with an evil spirit and attempts to help her. Throughout the story, Maggie struggles and tries to hold on to the past. The death of a child is never easy for couples, and Jack's absence makes it even more challenging for Maggie.

The paranormal events gave me chills, but I think that they could have been more threatening. The story is fast-paced and gripping but lacks the character's profoundness. One can easily connect with Maggie's pain, but she certainly needed mental help. Unfortunately, she was living in denial, and no one around her noticed it. 

The story also portrays lineage connections, scarcity of faith, and the unknown around the wicked spirit. Will Maggie and Carrie be united in one way or another? Or the malicious one will win once again? You'll have to read the book to find the answers. I like the narrative and recommend this quick atrociousness tale.

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