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May 16, 2022

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Leadstart 
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-5559-019-0
Pages - 222

Sense of a Quiet

Book Review - 

Deepak Kripal's second book, Sense of a Quiet, is based on picturesque Haridwar. The background portrays the beauty of the place, and profound and philosophical conversations made me like this book. 

Now let's talk about the plot and characters - Milind and Diya both are doctors and live in a rented house, and their landlord Mr. Singh is a retired army officer and lives alone on the first floor. 

Full-time housekeeper Sapna accompanies Milind and Diya. Everything in their life was going smooth until Rohan, their college friend, dropped by and started living with them. He is also a doctor but looking for solitude and meaning in life and ends up in Haridwar. 

Rohan is an extrovert, short-tempered, and stubborn; he soon made companions with Mr. Singh, with whom he loves to have intellectual discussions, then with an autorickshaw driver Rakesh, with whom he wandered in the city. But unfortunately, Rohan also makes some enemies because of his demeanor, and the repercussions fall on Milind. 

Milind and Diya fall in love and get married, but love and mutual understanding are out of the equation in the current scenario. Throughout the story, one can sense the communication gap. Their maid Sapna is meek, timid, and a wallflower, but with the help of Rohan, she finds a renewed energy. 

On the outer, all these characters appear normal, but they all are chaotic and looking for calmness in their lives. There is not a single protagonist because everyone plays a significant role in reaching the end of the story. However, Deepak Kripal narrates an ordinary tale extraordinarily; it makes me question how we treat others and see life in general. 

Although some loose ends and subjects should have been a part of the story but were not, I didn't connect much with any characters. There are not many plot twists, but the one, in the end, is something that I didn't see it coming. It makes me wonder if we can trust anyone in this world or not? 

This book is about corruption, spousal drama, goons, broken hearts, and political influences that created an easy-going weekend read for contemporary fiction lovers. 

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