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December 1, 2020

For bookaholics, choosing the right books is very important. There are thousands of books available in any niche, but the best of them are not very easy to find. Maybe you cannot choose the best books in any specific niche, so I have already selected the best books for your convenience. In this article, I am going to discuss the top 10 non-fiction books of 2020 that are very popular among bookaholics and students.

Non-fiction is one of the most popular genres nowadays. It displays truth, accuracy, and reality about information, events, and stories. Since people love to read a fact, people are very attracted to it. Now, I will list the books that have created a unique place in the world of books.

1. Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

It is in the first position in anthropology, discrimination, racism, education, and teaching. This thought-provoking book educates us on overcoming those issues that are spread by the illiterate people of society.

The author considered the illiterate people as the germs of society that kill civilization's values and culture. It is written easy to understand language and has many illustrations making it more engaging.

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2. The Happiest Man on Earth

Through this book, the author defines what happiness is perfect. Happiness is not dependent upon anything; the book proved it well. It is an autobiography of the author, which is set to WWII. He faced many problems during WWII that gave him more courage and made him stronger.

The author shared the problems that a common man faced. You will find from this motivating book how anyone can discover happiness in anything. Mr. Eddie advised people to live life, not to spend a life.

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3. Why We Swim

The author, Bonnie Tsui, presented an attractive and beautifully loved letter to water through this book. Due to her interest in swimming, she swims from San Francisco Bay to the South China Sea to investigate what attracts her to swimming.

She interviewed famous or unusual members of the swimming fraternity and the Olympic Champions. The book describes the benefits of swimming as how it helps in healing, making braver, bolder, courageous. As it is the author's personal story, it makes this book very real for anyone who is a dedicated swimmer.

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4. To be a Gay Man

The book is written on gay shame. The author is himself from a gay community. He revealed all the odds that every gay has to bear. How a society treats them, why they are insulted at every place, what forces them to suicide all questions are covered in this book.

The author filled it with emotions that made it much more real and engaging. He proved that gays are not animals; they are humans too. They also have emotions and feelings.

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5. Untamed 

The book, Untamed is so popular as it is ranking at 1st position in happiness and self-help, and 2nd position in women’s biography. It is a fascinating, inspiring chronicle of women's empowerment that is the reward of self-awareness and renewal. You must read this informative book. This will help to make you more daring, bold, untamed, and fearless.

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6. Humankind: A Hopeful History

This book explains how only humans are the best creature on Earth. Humans have the ability to think, they are brilliant, and they are continuously trying to create a new history.

The writer attempts to give a compelling argument for reshaping organizations and strategies simultaneously with genuinely advanced routes. He forces people to rethink their beliefs about society, democracy, and human nature. The book is suitably drafted and represented. When you dive into it, you will not be able to stop yourself from reading it thoroughly.

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7. Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America

It is the best seller book in the United States Local Government with a 4.8 rating. The book describes the importance of democracy for countries and explains how it can change any

country's future.

Since the book is set in American politics, you will find many interesting facts about America responsible for making it a superpower. The tone of this book is simple but very effective.

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8. Child of Light

It is an engrossing and highly readable biography of an important American novelist Robert Stone that brings his tremendous storytelling gifts to Stone’s wild, colorful life and work.

This biography will find a true love story, a delightful discovery of a great artist, and a complex man. The author tried his best to explore Stone's entire life, his journey from simple to extraordinary. 

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9. What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly

It is the record  of an artist Frida Kahlo who was a Mexican artist acknowledged for her numerous paintings, self-pictures, and crafts sparked by fusion and artifacts of Mexico. The author beautifully shows her life, love, courage, and her contribution to the art world through this book.

It is read-worthy for empowering women. The style is very simple but very engaging, and also it is written to make it easy to understand.

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10. Minor Feelings

It is ranking at 14th position in the Asian American Literary Criticism category. The author explores the complexities of being Asian in America while updating race, capitalism, and identity to the 21st century through this book.

The book is filled with emotions that create good bonding with readers. Many critics only write for fame, not for providing value, but the author tried his best to criticize with positivity.

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These are the best non-fiction books published in 2020 that have become very popular in no time. It will provide significant insights into the world. Now, you have known these books, make sure you buy them and read them.

Written by Samrat Mishra


  1. The title of second book of your list is attracting me too much. So, I decided to read it as soon as possible.