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December 4, 2020

Creative Writing is a beautiful art, an art that a writer takes pride in having attained! A writer dives into the sea of imagination and brings out the pearls of thoughts and ideas. He polishes it with his writing skills and gives it a beautiful form that makes it an enjoyable read. He gets into a happy zone to increase his knowledge and polish his language skills and vocabulary. He can learn new words and phrases, as well as how to use them correctly to create an article. 

Creative writing gives the writer a great thrust that helps him fly in the past, present, or future highlands. He can pen new stories, memoirs, or poetry that takes the heart away. He can take the reader on a roller coaster ride of the unknown and experience the unimaginable. Such is the power of creative writing, which gives the reader immense joy and serves as a catharsis tool for the writer. The writer gets an opportunity to express himself and vent out his feelings. It purifies him from within, and he feels light and content.

So, if you are a new entrant to this new world of creative writing, first of all, pat your back for choosing this elite genre of intellectuals. It is a new journey of agony and ecstasy, where you will go through a thousand emotions and play with the words of your choice. You will not be alone but have the reader. A few assistants you would need are your language skills, knowledge of grammar, as well as your imagination, and you are good to go!

Types of Creative Writing -

The beginners always have a dozen questions in their minds. They are doubtful and confused about how to begin, what to write, or how to write. It is natural for any aspirant who ventures into a new project. But as the song goes, “Hakuna Matata”! No Worries! Why fear when we are here. The good news is that it is not just a story or a poem that can be termed as creative writing. Creative writing is an extensive field that includes –

1. Poetry

2. Novels

3. Songs

4. Scripts

5. Letters

6. Personal Essay

7. Memoirs

8. Diaries and Journals, etc.

You can choose any genre and make it your stepping stone in the world of creative writing. If you can give your thoughts a Rhythm, you can write a beautiful poem or song. You can think about a story or a novel and give life to a new character and a fresh set-up. You can also pen down an interesting episode or experience you had once gone through in your life or any beautiful memory of the past. A letter to someone special may also be termed as creative writing. Whatever you feel, you can write.

Showcase your Writing -

Today, the internet has given infinite avenues to creative writers for showcasing their writing. So, writing nowadays is not just a wonderful gift of God; it is a fabulous earning opportunity as well. These websites give writing assignments for which you may get $5 to $50 per article, and payment is usually through PayPal. And what more, you win many fans too! There are hundreds of websites online that pay to write. Some of them are –

1. Contently

2. Fiverr

3. Hire Writers

These are just a few of the numerous portfolio sites available online. Apart from this, there are some Indian online and print magazines also that give creative writers, especially beginners, a chance to showcase their writing -

The Caravan - An Indian Magazine of the political and cultural genre. It has a poetry and fiction section where creative writers are given opportunities.

Little India - It invites South Asian writers to submit their writings. They publish novels and scripts, especially in dramatic style.

Out of Print Magazine - Based in India, it provides a platform for writers interested in writing short fiction set in the subcontinent. It is a quarterly magazine.

So, you see, there are so many platforms for creative writers today. You just need to choose a topic and get started!


Characteristics of a Creative Writer -

A creative writer does not write just words, but he gives expression to his words! As said in the above paragraph, a creative writer is not alone in this journey. He has his readers accompanying him. What you write must be read by someone to make the writer feel complete. Therefore, a creative writer should be what the word denotes - ‘creative’! He or she must present the content in a unique style. He must write it with a new perspective and surprise the readers. The content should be engaging, such that it has the quality to absorb the readers. Indeed, creative writing is not a child’s play. It is easier said than done. But then, with apt language and writing skills, the word impossible becomes just a word. Practice, passion, and writing skills can make one a creative writer of choice of the readers.

Style of Writing -

Indeed, creative writing is not an art that can be learned. But it also trues that with practice and passion, one can unquestionably attain proficiency in it. And really, there is nothing to be nervous about! Creative writing is all about giving expressions to your words. This is an art that just requires love from the learner. Feel it sincerely from the heart and let the reader get drenched in your soulful presentation.

Ornamental Words have the power to enhance an article's appearance but beautiful and heavy words without the soul is like a glass without water! An essay needs not to contain heavy words and long sentences, but it can be a good article if it connects with the readers.

Grammar is Important -

An article should be grammatically strong. Grammatical mistakes can become quite irritating for the reader, and if the reader is knowledgeable, it will take no time for your article to reach the dustbin. An acceptable item is a combination of the perfect sentence formation and grammar, including punctuation marks and clarity. Therefore, the creative writer must know his grammar well before picking up his pen. A grammatically strong writer scores a dozen notches above the one who is weak in this area.

Difference between Good and Bad Writing -

As a creative writer, we must understand the difference between good and bad writing. For we all aspire to be known as a good writer, don’t we? It is the Good Writing and Bad Writing that differentiates a masterpiece from an ordinary piece of writing. A lot has been said about ‘Good Writing’ that is precise, clear, free of grammatical and formatting errors, and connects well with the readers.

‘Bad Writing,’ as we know, is a term used for a write-up with many grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and formatting mistakes. Not only this, but it is also important to note that every style of writing has a specific tone to it. For instance, in the case of poetry, the feel must be captivating. The words should touch the heart of the reader. Similarly, the story must arouse the interest of the reader. It should be written in a tone that appeals to him. But if the writer uses the same technique for his story as he uses in his academic paper, he could fall flat in his goal of winning the heart of the reader.

‘Unique’ is the Word! -

As stated above, a writer is never complete until he has readers to enjoy his work. But he is undoubtedly in for some disappointment if his write-up is a sad copy of another writer! Creative Writing is about being creative and thinking something new, something out of the box! How would someone be interested in something they already know? It would make them bored. The mantra is to surprise them, make them think, and take them on a new path.  

As a writer, we cannot try our hands at an old topic or concept that has been before. But there is no excitement in repeating something, is there? But there is no harm in trying an old idea; just give it a new style, a new perspective. So, play with your imagination, think hard, and create your own story! Create a unique idea and manner of presentation that only yours! Trust me, the readers will look forward to your articles.

Reader: The Ultimate Judge!

Indeed, the reader is undoubtedly the ultimate judge for a creative writer. Many of us write for ourselves. We stay contended to express our feelings and keep them safe with us, but most writers yearn for the readers' attention. They are our patrons, and we want them to read our articles and give their opinion on them. We write to impress them. In this age of the internet, creative writing has become a lucrative career option, and the reader is the focal point in this effect. The reader has the right to accept or reject an article. The opinion of the reader determines the success of a writer. Therefore, the need of the hour is to enhance your writing skills and try writing engaging articles. Our articles need to be interesting, engaging as well as informative to please our readers.

Petals and Pebbles, all Accepted!

A writer must be ready for showers of petals or pebbles from the readers. It means that he must be prepared to bear either ‘petals’ of compliments as well as ‘pebbles’ of criticism. Of course, we all like to receive compliments, but we have to take criticism often. After all, every piece of writing has to be presented before the readers are entitled to their opinion, whether good or bad! They read it minutely, comparing it with other contents available to them. And readers are readers! They give their verdict objectively! Many writers decide to put their pen down forever after severe criticism from someone. This is very wrong as this way they eliminate all possibilities of growth. For, there is a possibility that you write a brilliant article next time. So as writers, if we enjoy being showered with petals of compliments, we must be ready to accept pebbles of criticism. It would only help us to enhance our writing skills and become a great writer.

Conclusion -

Creative Writing is food for the mind and heart. A good piece of paper is pleasing enough for the writer as it is for the reader. It is as if you have made a new painting or carved a new statue! Such is the type of joy you feel after writing an article. The pride you feel is just incredible. And why think when creative writers are in demand? Isn’t this enough to pick up your pen? So, take hold of your laptop, some cookies with a cup of coffee, and start writing! All the best!



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