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January 2, 2020

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-1-64678-782-1
Pages - 244

My Review - 
Freedom is a debut book of JNK (pen name). I like the cover design very much. It has two different stories-the plot of the first story based on human trafficking. The second is about a connection of a supernatural being with a human. Also, the title is suitable for both tales. 

The first story, Human Trafficking, is about a girl named Honey. She is the only child and being pampered by her parents every day. She works for Mr. Bobby, a famous detective. While working on a missing person case, Honey decides to go undercover. With the help of her colleague  Monica, she finds out about all the heinous crimes. But without enough proof, they can't do anything. Monica, Honey, Bobby, and Samar (Honey's friend and a police officer) plan to catch culprits red-handed. 

The second story, Encounter with Soul, is about a school girl Rasbeen. She always scores good marks and considered studious. But she is struggling in 10th standard, she is failing in all subjects. The increasing pressure of board exams and her father's expectations kill their relationship slowly. Soon she starts feeling followed by someone through day and night, a shadow to be precise. She was scared of him but soon get acquainted and named him Soul. He makes Rasbeen apprehend the purpose of her life, also encourages her to study. 

Characters - I don't have any favorites. Honey's persona seems reckless. She thinks of others all the time; she sacrifices a lot to help others. But I still didn't connect with her. Maybe because of the author. Honey goes through a lot while undercover, but I don't get how those incidents will not haunt her? Honey's mother has only one job to cook food and take care of Honey's needs. She doesn't have any idea what's going on in her husband's life. Monica, Bobby, and Samar's characters also felt dull. 

Rasbeen's character is drawn in a better way. All the fits and flame a teenager has thrown is seen. Her father's personality is like any Indian parent, who compare their child with others all the time. He blames his wife for Rasebeen's failings. Rasbeen's mother accepts his husband's behavior and expects the same from her daughter. 

Narration - I am very disappointed with the end of both stories. They end abruptly. The stories hooked in the middle, but at a certain point, lost their essence. I felt a need to read more, but I don't get it. I also find a few things repetitive. Like Mr. Bobby is very famous and it's my dream to work with him. Also, the mention of an Amazon Prime series, Suits, which is spelled wrong as Suites. 

Language - It has some grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but the writing style is mild and comprehendible. 

What I like - The conversation between Soul and Rasbeen is good. The mentality of Indian parents is shown very well by JNK. Human trafficking is not an easy subject to write about, but the author did it admirably. The story is fast-paced. 
My favorite lines from the book - 

The women keep the baby in her womb for nine months and protect the baby from all the adverse situations, and when the baby grows into a man he treats the women inhumanely. 
Every soul has its own personality, we all have come on this Earth for a purpose. Each individual has its own way to accomplish its purpose, but ironically, we have to pass from the same rules. How can a percentage decide one's dreams?

Overall, I feel that putting two unusual stories in one book is not a good idea. I hope that JNK won't do that in her upcoming novels. It incorporates some harsh reality of society, which will make you thoughtful towards other people and their predicaments. The book is recommendable to newbies. 

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