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December 30, 2019

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Tellwell Talent
Genre - Non-Fiction/Spirituality
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-0-2288-1284-5
Pages - 227

My Review - 
If the issue left us with a lesson that still needs to be learned, the Universe will recreate scenarios to challenge us to learn those lessons.

The Energy Healing Bible by Renu Arora is a representation of ART (Accelerated Release Technique). She uses this method to heal and aid individuals who are aching from reasoning, emotional, and physical problems. ART's concept involves crystal therapy, past and parallel lives, guardian angels, spirits, and etheric planes; divided into four aspects, Core, Ego, Mind, and the Higher Self. 

The book is divided into four sections. In the first part, Chronicles of an Energy Healer, the author lets us into her journey of becoming an energy healer and states the reason for leaving her work as a dietitian. 

In the second part, Your Subconscious is Speaking, Are You Listening? It is about Muscle Testing and its attributes, working, and programming of Pendulums, and how to start understanding the clues given by our subconscious mind. Most of the time, we ignored it and stuck; until we release the feelings or beliefs connected to it. Our subconscious speaks to us through our physical problems, but it communicates in a particular language.

In the third part, The Big Picture, Renu Arora, asserts that spiritual spheres are as significant as the material ones. In the author's words, While in the physical world, each of us is separate and distinct, in the spiritual world, there are no boundaries to separate us. It is in this world where we are all part of the "Collective Conscious." We are divine and infinite. Imagine the spiritual realm being the sun, and as we enter the physical world, we separate out into our individual rays of light. We are no less divine on Earth than we were within the Collective. The detailed description of energy fields and timeline with energy centers, like Chakras (originated in India), enhances spiritual awareness.

The Accelerated Release Technique will understand how to neutralize or remove the stuck energy in the last part. This segment provides a list of emotions and beliefs, with a healing prayer. It is represented by flowcharts, which make the steps easier to understand. 

The book is written understandably without any grammatical errors. The cover page is calming, and the title is impressive. Renu Arora includes case studies (they were my favorites), used references, and testimonials. Being a scientist and atheist, it was not easy for her to believe in Guardian Angels and the power of healing by pendulums. But with time, she discovered a lot more, which she never thought of. 

I finish this novel in almost 20 days because you can't bustle when you read something like this, especially when you re-read to not miss a single point. Sometimes I felt that the content is repetitive; it is an only problem I have with this book.

In the blurb, the author mentions that if you yearn to heal yourself or others? Then this book was written for you. After reading, I must say I agreed with her. The book is best suited to healing practitioners, but this book provides some unheard insights for those who are into spiritual reading or learning. 

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