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December 3, 2019

26 Ways to Inspire Yourself 
by Sonia A Nwajei
Genre: Self-Help/Non-Fiction
About the author - 
Sonia A Nwajei is the author of this wonderful book. She began her writing career only two years ago and had since published three non-fiction titles (including 26 Ways) to her credit. She is currently working to publish her first fiction, a murder mystery. Which she hopes will captivate lovers of fiction/detective novellas. Sonia lives in Brisbane, Australia.

About the book - 

26 Ways To Inspire Yourself is a powerful self-help book, written with the sole purpose to motivate readers with ideas that'll enable them to make positive changes in their lives. The book is packed full of insightful and encouraging messages for those seeking to improve themselves, rebuild their lives, and achieve set goals. It's your ultimate self-guide to a Better New You. Get it now.


Chapter 9-Letter I-Inspiration:
Inspiration leads us to a course of action that tends to showcase a different and more creative side of us that people may not have noticed before.

Chapter 10 -Letter J-Jealousy:
Jealousy is an unpleasant feeling of low self-esteem mixed with an insatiable desire to acquire the same material possessions as some else.

Chapter 13-Letter M-Mother:
Every child feels safe and happy when their mother is around. Every child craves the affection and support of their mother. Even adults run to their mothers when they experience difficulties in life. 
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