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December 6, 2019

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Gurucool Publishing
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-88435-35-2
Pages - 162

My Review - 
There comes a time in every relationship when you will realize that love isn't enough.

I Hope We Meet Again is a debut book written by Archana Abhishek. The subtitle, From strangers to friends, lovers, and then strangers again, and the cover page gives an overall impression of the story. 

Plot - Roma is an independent and ambitious girl working in an MNC. She left home to live the life she craves. Rahul also stays isolated, and he is Roma's supervisor. She has a massive crush on him since day one. They both share the same ideology when it comes to women's freedom. It brings them closer, and their love begins to bloom. 

When a person falls in love, they want to spend every moment with their partner. Rahul and Roma enjoy their relaxing time and dinner dates, but soon the other phases of love crept into their life, like suspicion, possessiveness, anger, and distress. Roma likes to party and drink with her friends, Aparna and Sagar. She shared everything with Aparna and seeks her approval on Rahul as well. Rahul tries to get along with Aparna, but he has a problem with Roma's male friends. Soon he starts dictating every move of Roma. Unable to do anything, she swings between love and her own freedom. 

Characters - Roma's personality is sociable, and Rahul is just the opposite. Her family lives in the same city, but still, she moved out to avoid marriage obligations. They both were neglected in childhood. Roma's mother is conservative and urged her to get espoused ASAP. She meets Nilesh for that purpose, and his openness on significant concerns propelled Roma to do some thinking. 

Sagar and Aparna's character were well placed. They respect boundaries and maintain a healthy relationship. I don't have a favorite character, but I like the way Roma evolves with time. She understands what matters to her and the importance of self-love. 

What I don't like - the print quality of the book. Then the author didn't mention why Roma's brother and father have a problem with her. Also, Roma desires love, which she got from her mother, but the absence of transparency bothered me in essential matters. 

What I like - the simple language and lucid narration. Archana unfolds the emotions and dilemmas very well, mainly when she's in a relationship. The break-up is the hard part, but strangely significant. The author describes why and when. I never read a story like this before, so for me, it is riveting. 

Being a woman, I relate to the narrative. So does every female reader. For male readers, you have a good chance to dive into a woman's mind through this book and understand what we want or what we don't. Overall, the author did satisfying work in her debut novel. I would recommend it to romance fiction lovers and newbies. 

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