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Interview with Sumiti Kapoor

She is a spiritual and intuitive coach based out of Seattle, Washington. She is the founder of a spiritual and holistic foundation called LIFE SPIRIT SOUL. The foundation focuses on teaching abundant living, holistic healing, mindfulness through meditation, and finding one’s life purpose.

Sumiti currently lives with her husband, daughter, and their mischievous Goldendoodle and is working full-time for the purpose of the foundation. She prefers to be called a Lightworker, is very compassionate, always willing to help others, and is determined to make a difference in the world as she tries to figure out her “greater purpose” in this journey called LIFE.

She has been on the path of spirituality since 2011 and has been learning different healing modalities through various Masters from various foundations. She is well versed with the tools and techniques taught in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Galactic Shaktipath, Crystal Healing, Soul Psychology, and Sacred Geometry. 

She is also a certified Angelologist and Angel Tarot Card Reader. She has been conducting various teacher training (like Magnified Healing), workshops (like Connecting with your Angels, Seven Rays, Galactic Shaktipath, etc.), meditations (like Wesak, Womb Healing, Mass Planetary Healing, Forgiveness & Loving Kindness, etc.) and personal spiritual coaching and healing sessions across US, Canada, and India. Through these sessions and various corporate speaker events conducted in-person and online, she has created a global reach and inspired people in over ten countries.

She has also been a recipient of the Women Ikon Award and the AmPowering Women of Substance Award for her contribution to bringing a sense of purpose and direction into the lives of hundreds of people.

Q.1 Tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
It might sound like a cliché, but I have been a daydreamer my entire life, and getting into that zone is my best pastime.

Q.2 Are we going to read more from you shortly? Any new project you’re working on?
Yes, my next book is already in the works. We all understand the concepts of living a spiritual life, but it’s important to know “how” we can apply this spiritual wisdom amidst fulfilling our responsibilities in our daily lives.

In my next book, I share simple yet profound spiritual and mindful techniques that can help one to walk this path of forgiveness, gratitude, surrender, and love. These techniques are from various masters and teachers that have helped me personally to unfold the truth within and bring balance to my material and spiritual life.

Q.3 When did you decide to write The Journey Inward?
My soul had been asking me to write a book since 2020, but my ego kept telling me that I wasn’t ready, making me postpone it till 2022. It was only when I shut the voice of my mind and surrendered to my soul’s calling that this book finally came through in 2023. A lesson that I learned- when you have a soul’s calling, answer it, there is no point in postponing but to listen to it.

Q.4 What’s the difference between being religious and being spiritual?
While religion forms the base of spirituality and all religious scriptures share the same fundamental teachings, those who impart these religious teachings focus on separating each one of us. All religious practices focus on the exoteric understanding of the Source, restricting it to a form that is outside of us and separate from us. It makes us believe that this power outside of us is superior and that we all are meant to worship, bribe, and please it as our fate depends on it. It makes us work from a place of fear and thus limits our potential and makes us operate from the victim consciousness.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is all about Oneness and Love. It is the esoteric understanding of the Supreme being which is formless. It is the higher knowing that since this power pervades everything, you and I, too, come from this source and are thus connected as one. It comes from the knowing that no one is better or superior to anyone but has the same limitless potential that remains to be unleashed and explored and thus makes us Co-Creators of our own destiny.

Being spiritual is thus about turning inwards and knowing ourselves to know this Source. And the more we know ourselves, the more we know that beneath all the physical, global, and religious differences, there is no separation but only oneness. Being spiritual is all about spreading unconditional love, loving others, and thus loving ourselves as there is no “they” and “I,” but it’s all “Us”.

Q.5 What do you want readers to take away from your book?
Life does not happen “TO YOU” but happens “FOR YOU”. There is no such thing as a MISTAKE, and you are not a victim of your life. There is nobody to blame and nobody to change except yourself. Everything in your life is an external reflection of what you have within you, and everything that you have in your life is because of your own choices. You will grow as a person when you accept that the only change that you need to bring to the world is to bring a change within YOU because when you change, the world around you will also change. And trust me, changes are always good.

Q.6 What are some of the challenges you faced when you started writing?
The biggest challenge that I had to face and overcome was the chatter of my mind and my spiritual ego. In the author’s terminology, this is called as writer’s block, which is nothing but your ego blocking the flow of the abundance of creative energy through you. It happens because your mind either tells you that you are not good enough or puts you on a pedestal that you are the one writing. 

It happens because you make the goal of your writing attached to the outcome of what comes through. And the only way to come out of this block is to get out of your own way and let the energy flow through you. It was only when I used to surrender to my soul I was able to move fluidly through these challenging phases.

Q.7 Why did you decide to self-publish your book?
It is amazing to see how technology has made things so accessible and simple to reach people around the globe in a fraction of a second, even for people like me who are not tech-savvy. Even though the traditional publishing method has its own advantages, self-publishing being the fastest and simplest way, helps one to spread their message or share their story in a matter of seconds, thus overcoming the limitations of time and money. 

Platforms like KDP and Notion Press made self-publishing extremely effortless and super economical, and spending large sums of money with traditional publishers did not make sense for a debutant author like me.

Q.8 What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
The best piece of advice was not given to me in words but demonstrated to me by my father during his last days in the mortal body. He taught me the lessons of forgiveness, gratitude, surrender, and love - the lessons that stick with me to date and make me want to get up during the time when I fall off the wagon amidst material distractions.

Q.9 How does your book relate to your spiritual practice?
My book, The Journey Inward: A Path to the Soul, is an attempt to help everyone make their personal day-to-day choices with love. It helps them to bring the state of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and surrender amidst their daily materialistic life, thus making them live their lives with a higher state of awareness.

My foundation - Life Spirit Soul, focuses on teaching abundant living, holistic healing, mindfulness through meditation, and finding one’s life purpose. We focus on making people understand that being spiritual is their natural self, and every choice that is backed by love makes them come closer to embracing this self.

While my book focuses on explaining the journey in simple words, Life Spirit Soul focuses on living this journey through simple techniques.

Q.10 What were your feelings when you first saw the cover of the finished product?
The cover of the book was designed by my 14-year-old daughter Rehet Kapoor. Someone very wisely said that kids are the reflection of your actions. Seeing the cover for the first time was perhaps one of the most overwhelming moments for me, as it was in that moment of truth I knew that my daughter completely understood my journey and that I was living my journey truthfully. It was also an awakening moment for me that even though, as a mother, I always felt that I was teaching her to live consciously, it was she who was silently being my greatest teacher.

Q.11 Do you read your book’s reviews? How do you deal with good and bad ones?
Of course, I read my book reviews. Who wouldn’t? However, I don’t get affected or attached to them, be it good or bad. I wrote the book to answer the calling of my soul, but the result or outcome of that calling is the Divine’s will. As it is said, the best way to learn something is to teach it. 

The purpose of writing this book was to enhance my understanding and my learning and to make me see how far I have come and how far I still need to go. And honestly, for me, the purpose of writing this book has been served. In the process, if someone benefits from my understanding and experiences, that is a bonus for me.

Q.12 What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?
The most interesting and surprising thing about this book is that I haven’t written it at all! The moment my ego used to kick in, telling me that it was me writing, I could not pen down even a word, but the moment I used to get out of my way and let the higher power work through me, words used to flow seamlessly. Even I used to be surprised by what came out when my ego was surrendered to the Divine will.

Q.13 What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
There was not a particular schedule that I followed, as there is no particular time when inspiration flows through you. I used to continue with my daily routine of meditating, studying, cooking, doing all the household chores, spending time with my family, and watching Bollywood and Punjabi movies, but at the same time used to make time for sitting down and isolating my thoughts whenever there was a creative flow pouring through.

Q.14 Do you have any unique and quirky writing habits?
A. 1.
I used to meditate and then write as then my mind chatter was not active to interfere with my higher thoughts.

2. Whenever I used to come across any experience or words that used to touch me deeply, I would pause everything that I was doing and just record it on my phone and then revisit it later.

3. I stopped giving in to the temptation of editing before the entire draft was ready, as initially, that made me get into the state of my mind chatter and ego.

Q.15 What makes your book stand out from the crowd?
Even though there are several books written by renowned authors on new age and spirituality since this book is based on my own experiences during my initial stages of awakening, I feel it should make things much easier for everyone to understand about spirituality. It is an effort to explain in simple terms the meaning of being spiritual based on my understanding, experiences, and perspective. 

It comes not from someone who has achieved enlightenment but from someone who is still trying to figure out her purpose amidst living in a world of polarities and fulfilling her responsibilities, something which the masses can relate and resonate with.

Q.16 What would you share with folks who are skeptical of reading Non-Fiction?
Most of the people who read fiction are looking for excitement and adventure outside their own life. At some level, they feel that their reality is lagging in some of those aspects of love, mystery, and adventure. Through my book, I have tried to share that everyone has the capability to make their life whatever they want it to be (full of love, mystery, and adventure). 

It’s time that we embrace our power and know our truth, and the first step to this knowing is to accept that there is more to what was told to us and more to what we have been made to believe. Reading non-fiction books is the key to opening that door of knowledge and truth. Whether you believe that knowledge or not is secondary, being open to different perspectives about yourself is a shot that is worth a try in this Life.

Q.17 Who edited your book, and how did you select them?
A. The Journey Inward: A Path to the Soul
was edited by my husband Salil Kapoor. Yes, this book, starting from the author, graphic designer, and editor, is an in-house production of the Kapoors. Who else could I have chosen to edit than someone who has walked this journey of awakening with me? The insights that he brings from his perspective add to the authenticity of this book, making this a very cherished treasure for my soul’s growth and learning.

Q.18 Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why?
At different times in my life, there were different mentors and guides whom I really wanted to meet, depending on my soul’s craving. Even though every soul who has come into my life has played an equally important role in shaping me as to who I am, at this point, there are two people with whom I resonate on a very different level of consciousness - Sri M, the founder of Satsang Foundation and Dr. Joe Dispenza, the author of the book Being Supernatural.

There are very few spiritual people who practice what they preach and don’t lose their authenticity after becoming famous. Both these teachers do not focus on any marketing jargon and power play but let their simplicity and authenticity in not just their living but also their teachings speak for themselves.

Q.19 As an individual, how much do you grow on a spiritual level? How was your life before you delved into this subject?
Honestly, I haven’t even started scratching the surface of being spiritual. However, one thing is for sure, I have been trying to be a better version of myself every single moment by living my life consciously and by being aware of my thoughts, actions, and words. I know that I don’t know much, and this knowing that there is more to what I know is the reason for me to keep trying to know more about mySELF. 

There are times when I fall off the wagon, but getting back on track faster than the previous time brings out the knowledge that at least I am on the right path. Whether I achieve enlightenment or not in this life is unknown, but trying to make the most of my present moment is what is known and what I majorly focus on.

Q.20 Share the experience of your writing journey so far?
The only two things that I was forced to follow throughout the completion of my book were to be authentic and to write through the inspiration of my soul. I never had to think about what to write, as it would just flow through me. It never felt like work and never made me get attached to what unfolded. 

There were moments when I was overwhelmed with emotions and memories, but that only strengthened my writing experience rather than making me weak. My vulnerability and acceptance of my shadow side were the biggest teachers throughout this learning experience. 

Writing this book made me see that every experience of my Life had a part to play in shaping who I am, and the message of unconditional love that I thought I was sharing with the world through this book was, in fact, meant for me. By the end of this writing journey, it only seemed to be the beginning of yet another chapter of my Life.

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  1. As expected, you are true and transparent. Waiting for your next book.