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Interview with Evvie Grey

At first meet and glance, Evvie is kind and welcoming. She takes an interest and tries to make you feel safe and included. Then if you decide to stick with her as a friend you will notice she becomes annoying. She tests you, your patience, and your boundaries. If you don't like it you leave. If you put up with it, you quickly earn her respect and loyalty. 

She is fiercely loyal and dependent on those she deems close friends. But she also becomes scary. You get a glimpse into her mind and the assortment of crazy and terrifying facts she knows. She also is bold and will stand her ground for herself or those who can't stand their own. She is the type of person you would rather have on your side than against you.

Q.1 Tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
I try to come across as polite and caring in my own way depending on the person. Many see a happy face all the time, but very few know about the many mental health demons I have. I try to be a safe place for people so they don't have to feel alone in any struggles they have. So they feel they have someone they can open up to.

Q.2 What inspired you to write Iyenae?
I have always loved writing. So for a school project that was supposed to last either the semester or year I thought, what the heck? I have already started it. The inspiration was just wanting to write a book. A story. I figured it out as I went.

Q. 3 Are we going to read more from you in the near future? Any new project you’re working on?
Yes you will definitely going to read more from me in the future. I plan to have writing as a side job for sure. I currently am working on this new book called Betrayal, I do have the first ten or so chapters published on Wattpad, feel free to check it out. But there is one project that is being planned at the same time. It is a joint book that will be called Soul Sisters. My co-author will be Nila Phillips.

Q.4 What is the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?
I would say the most difficult thing would be getting in their head, into their mindset and how they think. But I also believe that can be solved with a good character outline. If you know your character before you start, then it will be easy to anticipate their quirks, twitches, and reactions regardless of their sex.

Q.5 Do you plan out your books before you start writing, or do you just write and see where it takes you?
I do a bit of both depending on the story. I start with a light skeleton-like outline then if I feel I need a more in-depth outline, I'll go more in-depth. If I feel the skeleton is good, I'll go with the flow of the story. But with all my stories there's wiggle room. If there's a really good idea I can work into my story, especially if it's a good plot twist, I'll work it in.

Q.6 How long on average does it takes you to write a book?
On average I would probably say about eight months to a year to write a book. Because there's planning, then the writing which can always be altered by motivation levels then the editing, which can take forever.

Q.7 What’s your writing schedule while studying?
My writing schedule is pretty good actually while studying. I usually try to set about an hour to two hours during the weekdays to write. Which I usually have the downtime for after my studies.

Q.8 Imagine a future where you no longer write. What would you do?
That is a hard future to imagine but I believe not too much would change. I would still become either a veterinarian or a marine biologist. As I had mentioned earlier, being an author to me is more of a fun side job.

Q.9 Do you try to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
I try to write true to myself. I write whatever crazy and weird story ideas I come up with. I believe that my books even if it takes a little effort will reach the right audience. Because if it gets to the right audience, it's already what the readers want.

Q.10 Is it vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign?
My book is out there, it's on the market. So what's important to me is finding promotions with a decent following because there's a chance that someone in that following will take an interest. So instead of paying for ads and whatever, I prefer to do promotions, interviews, and reviews.

Q.11 If you could be a member of any fantasy race, which would you choose and why?
That's a hard question but I would say a mage of some sort. That way I can do almost anything any other race can do with a spell, incantation, and vial.

Q.12 If you could invite one character to dinner from your book, who would it be and why?
I would take Zavis because I would love to chat with him. Sure I know his background, and his trauma but I would love to know the actual details if he were to be a physical being. I would love to hear the encouragement he can offer because he was originally a manifestation of my mental health demons. But he became the comforting character who understands.

Q.13 What three things can a reader expect from your book?
You can expect plot twists that lead to new revelations and questions about each and every character, an intriguing plot that you'll never guess the end of. A story compelling enough to make you take a second glance at everything.

Q.14 Among all the supporting characters in your book, who is dear to you and why?
I love all my big characters because they are all a reflection of someone or something in my life. But I would say the one who is the dearest to me is Zavis. Mainly because he started as a personification of my mental health which then led to him being the custom-made Comfort Character.

Q.15 Who designed your book cover? How do you select them?
I actually personally made my cover. I made a new project in Adobe spark custom-made to the book size. And I did my best to bring the vision in my head to life with a few modifications along the way.

Q.16 How do you select the name of your characters?
I knew I wanted the main character's name to be Callie and from there I found Zavis. It is derived from Slavic and it usually means envy and greed. The rest were names that I had found randomly that I thought fit their personality and character.

Q.17 Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with good or bad ones?
I am a new author so I don't have any reviews yet. But to me, reviews show you what you did good and where you can improve. If there was a consistent issue with a certain aspect of the story or how I could've written it better, I would take note and apply that to my next book. Reviews are the feedback and you listen to feedback so you can improve.

Q.18 Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?
From both an author and book nerd standpoint I would have to say, Rick Riordan. I love Uncle Rick and he has managed to build an amazing fantasy universe. I would love to talk with him and pick up any tips from him for my own work.

Q.19 Are there any new books or authors in science fiction or fantasy (or both!) are you excited about? What are you reading right now?
Again, I have to circle back to Uncle Rick. He is planning on releasing two new books soon that I can just tell will be amazing. One is Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods and the other is The Sun and the Star, which revolves around Nick.

Funny enough I am currently reading The Blood of Olympus from the sequel series to Percy Jackson, The Heros of Olympus. Once I finish it (in like, two days) I will either move on to a book Nila recommended to me or another good one, The Flame of Olympus.

Q.20 Share the experience of your writing journey so far?
I've always loved writing since I was little, it started from writing a self-insert fan-fic of Percy Jackson and it didn't stop there. Throughout freshman year I really started to write again and I continue throughout high school.

One of my friends, Nila Phillips, and I both wrote a novel during our freshmen year and self-published it. Since then I've sold a few copies and I'm currently working on Betrayal. It's one you can read as a stand-alone or along with Iyenae.

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