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Interview with a Book Blogger | Vijai Kumar Sharma

Vijai Kumar Sharma

Vijai Kumar Sharma

Q.1 Please introduce yourself - Where are you from? How long have you been blogging? What’s the name of your blog? What made you decide to start a book blog?

A. I am presently living in Jaipur, the pink city of India, although I have lived in several cities of India and have widely traveled almost all over the country and visited 17 countries during my six visits abroad to USA, Europe, Bulgaria, and Egypt. I have worked earlier in a Govt. industrial organization in full time managerial capacity. My profession is Mechanical Engineering. But my contribution has also been in academics (visiting faculty, trainer, examiner, and assessor), professional organizations and writing (freelance writer, author, book-reviewer, abstract writer, blogger, interviewer & translator).

Although I have been writing articles etc. in English and Hindi, from my school days onwards, I have started blogging from 2012 onwards only. My first blog was posted on Jun 14, 2012, on VijaiKSharma. The pressure from one of my young relatives to start writing blogs made me take initiative in this direction. He reasoned out saying that you are already writing through the medium of articles, book-reviews, and abstracts etc., so you will definitely be successful in this field too. I made a beginning, just for the sake of starting, but then with my getting interest and pleasure in it, I continued and enlarged the scope also. I express my thanks to my young relative for the pressure exerted on me at that time. I am writing blogs on five websites, and the total number of posts is around 60. 

Q.2 What is your favorite genre and book?

A. I have been writing technical books in English. Six technical books have been jointly written and published, but two other jointly written technical books could not be published. Presently, two more books in English are under preparation. First one is a self-help book based on general experiences in my life for young persons. The second one is being jointly written and is based on discussions of a group of persons over a long period.  

However, my writing activity also includes around 185 articles, book-reviews, abstracts, blogs, interview blogs, case-studies & translations etc. published or posted, in India and/or abroad besides, 24 radio talks broadcast from 3 stations of All India Radio. All of these writings are on a variety of technical and general topics and in English and/or Hindi. I am one of the recipients of the “Writers of the Month Bonus” for Jan 2007 on I have tried my hand at writing stories and poetry also, but I was not much successful.

Q.3 What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you first started book blogging?

A. In my opinion, for taking up any new activity, big or small, broad overall guidance and advice of an experienced person are essential and advantageous. Plenty of information is available on the Internet about blogging, which needs browsing, sifting, assessment and judgement and still, in my opinion, in spite of use of such information, one may or may not get the desired results. This guidance required is for initial spade work, field to be adopted, training for writing, approaching people, organizing, making a good presentation, marketing and getting good comments etc. My contributions are at present scattered in several places and there is no one single website, where the readers can see my entire set of writing activities/data in a consolidated manner, at a glance. I wish I could have had such an advice, before my commencing writing of blogs and other activities.  

Q.4 What piece of advice you would like to give to other bloggers?

A. Like in any other activity, the bloggers should select a role-model first, seek guidance and make a proper plan of action for their own blogging activities. Amongst various suggestions are studying the activities of other bloggers especially the active and famous bloggers, carrying out individual brain storming and selecting ideas for implementation, selecting  proper topics, joining and becoming active on several social sites, getting  feedback from the readers, carrying out revisions in content and presentations where required, contacting and collaborating with admirable bloggers/persons, carrying out promotion of blogs wherever possible, reviewing periodically and chalking out future plan of actions. But above all, we should write blogs every day and also write guest posts for other blogs, where possible.

Q.5 How many books are actually on your bookshelf/shelves right now?

A. I had more than 500 books in my bookshelf, but then I have donated most of them to a library and my present stock is just about 50 numbers. But this statistics, which gives the true picture at present, is of no consequence, since, when required, I can borrow the book(s) at any time from this library or from other libraries nearby. 

Q.6 Is blogging your profession or just a hobby? Does your family support you? What’s their take on this?

A. Blogging and for that matter writing has never been my profession, but just passion. There is contribution and progress in this field, since I get pleasure in this work. Yes, my family is definitely supportive of my writing including blogging activity. My happiness is considered as their happiness too. Sometimes I also get suggestions from the family for such works. I express my gratefulness to my family for the patience and understanding, during the time I am busy in writing work.

Q.7. What do you think is the best strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

A. There is a saying figure speak for themselves. Therefore, in my opinion, if the blog is excellent it will draw visitors to itself, on its own strength. But still there can be several ways to get more visitors to the blog. The blog should be interesting, on topical and current topic, not too long and having excellent presentation. Also the readers should be motivated to participate in some activity involving the blog. But if we browse the Internet and obtain the strategies to increase the traffic we can find many strategies for success in a saturated environment. I am reproducing only some of these points here - writing more and better, promoting on social media, including photos, incorporating links, re-tweeting past content, inviting guest contributors, adding video, conducting giveaway events, write guest posts, inviting readers to leave a comment, etc.

Q.8 What are the top 3 characteristics you look for in a good book?

A. The characteristics required for a good book can be many and the choice of characteristics will vary from person to person and also as per the type of the book. As per my opinion, a technical book should have utility value by way of coverage of the essential points of the subject within reasonable length of the book, should have simple language, should be easy to understand and pleasing to read. However a good novel or story book should have an engaging plot, should have clarity in dialogues or descriptions, should have the ability to make an impact on the reader by identifying with the characters and make difference in the life of the reader.  

A few words for our readers and Books Charming -

I have gone through a substantial portion of the work done and many services being provided through the web site of Books Charming. First of all, the title Books Charming appeals to me a lot. Secondly, in addition to her own work for book writing and blog writing, Mrs. Aakanksha allows other bloggers and authors to present their views on her web site. In my opinion, this is very helpful and motivating to the new bloggers. She appears to be following the policy of taking along, others especially the new and young bloggers. For this admirable policy decision by her at such a young age, I congratulate her. Thanks to her for inviting me to participate in this interview. Thanks to the readers for going through this interview blog. I wish that all readers should continue to read and also write a lot, should be happy, should remain happy and all should take care. Also, I convey my best wishes to Mrs. Aakanksha and the readers, for their continued success.


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