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Interview with a Book Blogger | Himani | Books&Sstuff

Himani Books&Sstuff


Q.1 Please introduce yourself - Where are you from? How long have you been blogging? What’s the name of your blog? What made you decide to start a book blog?
A. My name is Himani, and I'm from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. My hometown is famous for initiating the 'First War of Independence of 1857'. It's also called the 'Sports City of India'. Also when it comes to reading my hometown was once very famous for pulp fiction novels, and has given many great writers to the country. I've been blogging for 11 months now. I started in January 2019. My blog is called Books&Sstuff.

I started blogging when I read Vishwamitra: The Man Who Dared to Challenge the Gods by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal. I felt so motivated reading the book that I had this urge to share it with as many people as I can, and I was struck with the idea of creating my own blog. And this is how I discovered this wonderful world.

Q.2 What is your favorite genre and book?
A. My favorite genre is Mythology and Non-fiction. Although I'm a bookworm so I can literally read anything and everything under the sun. My favorite book that has had a lasting impression on me, and I re-read it is, Wise & Otherwise by Sudha Murty. Her philanthropic work and the way she has been involved within the community have inspired me, and I want to work like her someday. So reading this book is always a motivating experience for me. Also, this book covers has different shades of people, and I loved that. 

Q.3 What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you first started book blogging?
A. If anybody would have told me how much I am missing by not being on Instagram; I would not have discovered it so late. I feel Instagram has a really strong booklovers community.

Q.4 What piece of advice you would like to give to other bloggers?
A. I would like to say to them that they should be original in their work, and ideas and keep on taking inspiration from those who are pro in this community. Also, keep trying new things. Don't stop and never hesitate. Also interacting with like-minded people will help you learn so much new.

Q.5 How many books are actually on your bookshelf/shelves right now?
A. I guess more than 200. A lot of them I haven't read (never-ending tbr

Q.6 If you could be a character from a book for just one day who would you be and why?
A. I would be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because I like her wit and intelligence, and I so want to explore the magical world of Hogwarts the way she does. Also, I would love to be Vishwamitra from the book Vishwamitra: The Man Who Dared to Challenge the Gods.

Q.7 Is blogging your profession or just a hobby? Does your family support you? What’s their take on this?
A. Blogging is my hobby and also a part-time job for me now. If I feel like I would love to make it my profession in the future (if I can earn enough to pay my Yes, my parents support me in it because reading is what they want me to do all the time. Also if it doesn't hamper my studies; my parents have no issues. They feel it's a great hobby, and they take pride in telling me that I have such a meaningful thing to do other than studies, and I get to learn so much from it so they're supportive.

Q.8 What do you think is the best strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
A. I feel interacting more within your community helps and also social media platforms are a boon for gaining visitors. And the content needs to be helpful to gain visitors.

Q.9 What are the top 3 characteristics you look for in a good book?
A. An attractive cover, a good storyline, and strong characters, and most important, an impressive end.

Q.10 What are your favorite Instagram/Bookstagram/Booktuber accounts?
A. Mir Khubaib from @Khubaibliophile (I love his creative work and that inspires me). Niki from @Thebookelf_ (Her book suggestions are awesome, and she's so supportive and bold while talking about Book Reviewers Rights).

Also, I try to learn from every book reviewer who is doing anything creative and different like recently I loved the work of @saltnpepperreviews, @writingyouthereviewsyouneed, @seedhaladka, @deenolipi, @melisbookreviews, and many more.

A few words for our readers and Books Charming -
I would say to all that reading is a blessing to humankind and will make you a thinker who is independent in all the ways of life. So do read as much as you can. Also about Aakanksha from Books Charming - I have been seeing how diligently she has been working as a book blogger, and trying to make people read good stuff. More power to you, and All the best for the future.

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