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May 9, 2024

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Contemporary Fiction
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
ISBN - 979-8886-41770-8
Pages - 588

The Drop and the Glop by Sanjiv Saran

Book Review - 

Sanjiv Saran's inaugural literary venture, The Drop and the Glop, intricately interlaces a narrative tapestry against the backdrop of the longstanding animosity between India and Pakistan, spanning from the tumultuous era of partition to the poignant liberation of Bangladesh.

Within the pages of Saran's work, readers are introduced to a diverse array of characters, each hailing from disparate backgrounds and driven by distinct motivations. 

Among them is Yara, a shepherdess hailing from a nomadic tribe whose tranquil existence in Pakistan is shattered by personal tragedy, propelling her across borders into the clandestine realm of espionage within India.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic figure of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, initially a Pakistani Minister but consumed by a thirst for power, emerges as a formidable force bent on unsettling the fragile peace, particularly in the contested region of Kashmir.

Amidst these riveting character arcs, the narrative also follows the transformative journey of Vikram, whose solitary expedition through the Himalayas unearths hidden truths and individuals harboring secret agendas. 

Sanjiv Saran's masterful storytelling effortlessly entwines these fictional personas with historically accurate events, resulting in a compelling portrayal of the region's turbulent socio-political landscape. 

While the storyline is enriched by vivid descriptions and evocative scenery, some readers may find themselves discomfited by the inclusion of theological discussions and ancient myths, which at times detract from the overarching narrative flow.

Despite its commendable historical depth, the novel may leave readers yearning for a more intense emotional odyssey. The delayed emergence of Yara's quest for confrontation, which occurs towards the story's denouement, may feel belated to some, though her subsequent evolution and epiphanies offer a redemptive plot arc.

Furthermore, the portrayal of the CIA agent, hinted at in the blurb, may fall short of expectations, appearing somewhat one-dimensional and lacking in authenticity. A more nuanced characterization akin to Yara's strength, determination, and complexity could have added depth to the ensemble cast.

Nevertheless, the author's debut effort remains a noteworthy addition to the genre, offering readers a poignant exploration of historical significance and cultural resonance. This book showcases promise, leaving audiences with bitter-sweet feelings and eagerly anticipating future works.

Recommended particularly for aficionados of Indian literary fiction, this novel promises to captivate and provoke contemplation alike.

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