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March 29, 2024

My Rating - 2 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Invincible
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-88333-72-6
Pages - 170

A Story Between the Lines by Santhosh Sivaraj

Book Review - 

Having encountered Santhosh Sivaraj's literary prowess through his debut work, The Blue Moon Day, in 2018, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to delve into his second offering, A Story Between the Lines, which was graciously sent to me by the author in 2019. 

Despite the six-year interim, the lingering sense of wonder evoked by his initial creation motivated my anticipation for a similarly captivating experience. Regrettably, the narrative trajectory and execution of this book left me wanting.

The storyline revolves around Adi, a denizen of the urban landscape, whose chance encounter with Nila, a rustic belle, during a sojourn sparks a romantic entanglement leading to matrimony. 

However, Nila's heart remains tethered to the tranquility of her rural origins, a sentiment at odds with the bustling metropolis Adi calls home. Her quest for solace amid the urban chaos finds expression in voluntary pursuits, while Adi's entrepreneurial plans consume his attention and time.

Amidst this domestic dynamic, Adi's abrupt amnesia prompts a journey to Syria in search of both his lost memories and his wife. It is here that the narrative endeavors to unveil truths obscured by the fog of uncertainty. While the premise teems with potential for suspenseful intrigue, the execution falls short, rendering characters that feel uninspired and lacking in depth. 

Echoes of Santhosh Sivraj's earlier exploration of themes such as the wisdom of age and the enigmatic realms of the mind are evident, yet fail to manifest with the same impact. Intellectual discourse and glimpses into the crucible of conflict offered fleeting moments of resonance, yet proved insufficient to sustain engagement.

Ultimately, as the narrative unfolded, my anticipation waned, replaced by a desire to simply conclude the journey and look to the next literary adventure. While criticisms abound regarding missed opportunities and narrative shortcomings, there is an underlying recognition of the author's undeniable potential. 

It is my earnest hope that future endeavors from this promising writer will recapture the essence of his debut, infusing narratives with the thrill, inspiration, and allure that captivated me. Best wishes to the author on his literary journey ahead.

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