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February 9, 2024

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Pencil
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2023
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-5883-752-0
Pages - 280
Destiny's Dance by Abhishek Pandya

Book Review - 

Destiny's Dance is the first book in The Tale of Dharma and Karma series penned by Abhishek Pandya. The story is set in the mystical realm of ancient India, where three mighty kingdoms, Suryanagar, Dharmakshetra, and Anandalaya, find themselves intertwined in a complex conspiracy narrative. 

The narrative is propelled by the ambitions and conflicts of its central characters - King Harshvardhan Singh of Dharmakshetra, King Ranjit Singh of Anandalaya, and King Aditya Pratap Singh of Suryanagar - who must navigate treacherous waters to ensure the survival and prosperity of their realms. 

Regardless, the story is also about their children Vikram, Mira, and Arjun and their intertwined fate, which readers will know more about in the second book, Echoes of Deed

One of the novel's strengths is its vivid descriptions, from lavish palaces to sprawling landscapes. Abhishek Pandya's illustrative prose brings the setting to life, immersing readers in a world of detail and atmosphere.

However, despite its immersive setting and intricate plot, the book must catch up in certain aspects. The pacing, at times, feels uneven, with moments of intense action juxtaposed against slower, more contemplative, or unwarranted passages. Additionally, the characters need more depth, making it easier for readers to fully invest in their journeys.

Furthermore, the story is also missing suspenseful moments and some parts feel repetitive, suggesting the need for beta-reading or re-editing to address these issues. The villain's portrayal is essential and fails to make a significant impact. Additionally, introducing new characters toward the end disrupts the flow of the narrative.

While the story undeniably holds promise, its execution could be better. I hope the author considers these suggestions to enhance the impact and engagement of the second book. As for now, I recommend this book primarily to newbies.

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  1. Honest review about the book, but I am sure most Indian writers are not aware of the concept of beta reading.