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August 21, 2023

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Prabhat Prakashan
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2023
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-5521-464-5
Pages - 322

Song of the Trinity: The Rise of Kali by Vadhan

Book Review - 

I recently delved into Song of the Trinity by Vadhan, the pen name for the author Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara. The book promised an epic tale of impending doom, interwoven with the struggles of both mortals and deities. While the premise was undeniably intriguing, my overall experience left me with mixed feelings.

The story revolves around Kali, the Lord of Kaliyug, plotting revenge from within his prison. To stop him, it is vital to find Aswathaman and his lost gem so that he can save the Naga princess and proceed further. The characters are diverse, from cursed warriors to Demi-Gods, Rap Sage, astral castaways, a human belonging to mighty Asura as a vessel, and many more.

The narrative takes us on a ride through destroyed worlds, resurrected villains, and battles between mortals and Gods. The author's imagination is vivid, painting a chaotic tapestry of events. However, where the book falls short is in its execution. While the possibilities are captivating, the pacing can be uneven at times, leading to moments of confusion and disorientation. 

Additionally, the vast array of characters sometimes makes it challenging to truly connect with any single one. The rap-singing sage or varied cast seemed like an exciting concept but felt so out of place in the grand scheme of the narrative.

The stakes are undeniably high, and the impending sense of doom is palpable throughout the story. The prose occasionally shines, particularly in moments of intense action. Yet, the writing style might benefit from more consistency and refinement.

I was torn between my appreciation for Vadhan's imaginative world-building and my desire for a smoother and more impactful reading experience. Despite its flaws, it delivers an ambitious tale of a cosmic struggle and a unique blend of mythology, fantasy, and otherworldly elements. If you are a fan of intricate mythologies and are okay with a bit of uneven pacing, this book might be worth your time. 

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