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May 4, 2023

My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Contemporary Fiction
Publishing year - 2023
Language - English
Pages - 413

The 9PM Debate by Vivek Chandran

Book Review - 

The 9PM Debate by Vivek Chandran is a thought-provoking contemporary fiction novel that explores the aftermath of gang rape in the Mumbai metropolis and the media's response to it.

The story revolves around Radhika Verma, a famous TV journalist on ABTV, who is determined to host a debate that would delve deep into the malaise of sexual assault and bring about real change. But more important is the TRP, and to increase that, she decides to do a live discussion with the rape victim Sujata, and her perpetrator, Mahavir, Riyaz, Bimal, and Sukhdev.

No media house has done this before, and Radhika is adamant about bringing the side of both parties. This leads to a debate that alters the entire perspective of the spectators. The show was seized by Sujata, and her questions and viewpoints shook the nation. Will Radhika be able to take control of his show, or will Sujata immerse as a phoenix?

Vivek Chandran's writing is powerful and emotive, tackling a sensitive topic with care and perceptiveness. The characters are well-developed and robust, and their motivations and emotions are realistically portrayed. The plot is engaging and builds up steadily toward the climactic debate. The twist and turns were few, but they were impactful. 

As a debutante, the author did a great job and raises essential questions about the media's role in shaping public opinion, the power dynamics involved in sexual assault cases, political agendas, lack of infrastructure, societal norms, and the need for a more nuanced and compassionate approach toward both victims and perpetrators. 

This book is a timely reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of sexual violence and the importance of having difficult conversations to bring about real change. The narrative is food for thought and would appeal to readers interested in contemporary social issues. I highly recommend this fast-paced read.

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