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May 20, 2023

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Rajmangal Prakashan
Genre - Fiction
Publishing year - 2023
Language - Hindi
ISBN - 978-93-94920-96-5
Pages - 171

Siddhartha: Ek Tyag Gatha by Manu Saunkhala

Book Review - 

Siddhartha: Ek Tyag Gatha is the second and final part of Balidanam: Ek Rajgatha, penned by Manu Saunkhala. In the first part, we read about the conflict between two brothers, Laxam and Rudra, and how it changed their relationship.

Rudra's wished to abolish Balidanam, a tradition where the people of Prithyani annually offer beautiful young women, gold, grains, and servants to the neighboring Kakaran kingdom as a sacrifice to safeguard their own prosperity. But to annul this practice, Rudra lost his princely title and love, Maitreyi.

Now, the plot of this book revolves around how Rudra reunites with her long-lost love and seeks vengeance. Rudra and Maitreyi found a place to live and slowly and steadily built an army. He solemnly vows to end the sacrificial practice and confronts his brother Laxam and Kalketu, ruler of Kakaran, with a proposition of war. 

Rudra's children, Skand, Arjun, and Mithila, took them upon themselves to fulfill their parents' dreams. Skand, using dread and killing, turns out to be a ruthless warrior, while Mithila focuses more on the righteous path. Will they be able to achieve the unachievable? Will these three put an end to tyranny or become a part of it in the last?

Manu Saunkhala skillfully weaves together a story of sacrifice, rebellion, and the pursuit of justice. The writing style is engaging, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the world of Prithyani. The characters could have been more developed, but they are relatable, each with unique motivations and conflicts.

The story also emphasizes the struggle for equality and societal power dynamics. The ending was distinctive, and I appreciated the way it concluded. This book is recommended to readers who enjoy historical fiction with a touch of social commentary and philosophical exploration.

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