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March 16, 2023

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Rupa Publications
Genre - Romance Fiction
Publishing year - 2023
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-5702-077-0
Pages - 234

My Imperfect Love by Niharika Jindal

Book Review - 

My Imperfect Love by Niharika Jindal is a heart-warming tale of two individuals from different worlds who find love in the unlikeliest of places. 

The story follows Rhea, an ambitious and overachieving student who is ready to leave everything behind to pursue her dreams at London's top fashion school. On the other hand, Saahil is clueless about what to do in his life. His parents' divorce turned him into a cynical person.

Saahil is portrayed as a rich spoilt brat whose way of living is partying and casual hookups. While Rhea is completely the opposite and believes in a committed relationship. Their paths cross, and their worlds collide in unexpected ways. At first, it seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but love blossoms as they get to know each other. 

Will their love be enough to conquer Saahil's inner demons? This is the question that lingers throughout the pages of this book. While Rhea brings out the best in Saahil, his past haunts him in ways threaten to destroy their relationship. As the story unfolds, we see the couple navigate through their difference and struggles, trying to find a way to make their relationship work. But what about the future? 

In addition to the two main characters, I developed a fondness for Rhea's mother, Simran. She embodies the ideal parent that one would wish for, in contrast to the toxic, stubborn, and narcissistic attitudes displayed by Saahil's parents.

Niharika Jindal's writing is captivating, and her ability to evoke emotions in her readers is remarkable. The story has relatable characters and touching moments that keep you engaged until the end. The story deals with themes of love, family, heartbreak, and self-discovery. 

It is a sweet story that will tug at your heartstrings. It is a perfect blend of romance, drama, and self-realization, making it an ideal read for anyone looking for an engaging tale. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a fast-paced and decent romance novel.

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