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December 15, 2022

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - LGBTQ Fiction
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English
Pages - 145

Forbidden Love by Dee Rose

Book Review - 

Forbidden Love was initially published in 2013, but Dee Rose republished its second edition this year with additional vivifying scenes. The story is about Mark and Jesse and Mark's one-sided love. 

Knowing each other from school, these best friends were a part of each other's life for a very long time. Then, of course, they ventured into different careers, Jesse got married and had kids, but their friendship remained the same. 

Mark always has feelings for Jesse and tries hard to hide it, but it is clear to Annika, Jesse's wife. This leads to many quarrels in Jesse's marital life, but breaking the friendship is a big no. Instead, Mark's dreams of being with Jesse, even though he knows it is impossible, usher to many uncomfortable encounters. 

One day, Mark decides to clear everything once and for all and chooses to share how he feels, adding more drama to these characters' lives. Will Mark ever receive the love he deserves? Will Jesse accepts Mark's responses and leaves his family behind? Or will their friendship be broken?

This fast-paced book is all about finding love, a fondness that is considered taboo by some people. The story is nice, but the narration and characters could have been better. They all were confused, behaved immaturely, and considered adultery exceptionally usual. 

The characters are one-dimensional and don't grow with time; throughout the book, Jesse sounds like an asshole and insensitive. Mark has other options, but he is a lovesick puppy and a punching bag for others. If the characters were more mature, then the story would impact me. 

Anyways, I enjoyed the end and didn't see it coming. I recommend this book to newbies and those who want to read about self-centered and self-destructive LGBTQ characters. 

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