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My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Saga Fiction
Genre - Mystery
Publishing year - 2022
Language - English 
Pages - 261

Power of Nature by C.L. Peache

Book Review - 

C.L. Peache's latest book, Power of Nature, is a fast-paced mystery tale about a girl convicted for fifteen years for a crime she didn't even know she had committed or not. 

The protagonist Harriett lives on a beach with her therapy dog Chester. She is an introvert and works online to pay her bills and avoid contact with people. However, her walks on the beach with Chester give her energy to deal with everyday chores. 

Dr. Maytree played an essential role in Harriett's healing, and she was the only one she could rely on until one day she met with Paul on the beach, a handsome Scottish environmentalist. Their relationship grows day by day, and Harriett's wish to lead a mundane life makes her push the boundaries she set for herself and helps her get out of her comfort zone.

Her past life had a massive impact on her present, and throughout the story, she struggles with it. Harriett's inability to recall things and going into a fugue state is related to her traumatic youth. Her parents were abusive and severe stress made things additionally worse. Her brother, Fred, was her anchor until the system and people around her separated them.

The narrative portrays as past and the present situation that bind the readers. The central theme is whether Harriett is innocent or guilty? Paul helped her fill in the gaps, but ultimately, the confessions of some people brought her some peace. Of course, her whole life was based on lies, but who woven that is another main question of the novel. 

For me, it lacks the surprise elements and actions. It could have been much better if the author had worked more on the plot; character-wise, it is acceptable because one can relate to Harriett's misery and desperation, the inner voices we all deal with in our lives, just like her. That's why this story is perfect for beginner-level mystery lovers.

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