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December 23, 2021

Magical Christmas Books For Kids

Christmas for kids is all about decorating their Christmas tree with their favorite ornaments, eating lots of chocolate, and wondering how a stranger named Santa whom they've never met could ever know the gifts they've always wanted, and whether they'll ever catch an actual sleigh bounded with magical reindeers that fly across the sky! 

Christmas is about miracles, wonders, hopes, and magic for kids. It is a way to cherish the innocence before they become more mature, and that's why we curated a list of books that you can read to your kids or gift them, so they enjoy this festive season and get lost in the world where anything is possible.

1. The Legend of Holly Claus by Brittney Ryan 
(Ages: 9 years and up)

The Legend of Holly Claus

If your little one likes stories by Dr. Seus, they would definitely like this book! This story revolves around Holly Claus, the fabulous daughter of Santa and his wife, the King and the Queen of the Forever, the land of immortals. But a curse is set upon them all, holding its people hostage. 

As Holly Claus grows up, she becomes a beautiful and selfless woman determined to break the curse and help her people with the help of her animal friends and some faithful people. There's magic, mystery, and evocative imagery that will suck your kids into the fantasy world without so much of an effort. You can find the book here.

2. A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig 
(Ages: 7-9 years)

A Boy Called Christmas

Matt Haig's A Boy Called Christmas is said to be the magical yet true story of Santa Claus. It is about a poor boy called Nicholas who lives with his father and works very hard to live a satisfying life, but that is until one day when his father takes a more significant opportunity that promises to bring them fortune more than what they've ever had had had seen. Till then, Nicholas is left with his estranged relative, who keeps harassing him, and then one day, he goes, starting his journey of adventures. 

If your kids believe in the phrase, everything is possible. They will definitely enjoy reading this magical book, for nothing that happens between the pages of this book is ever taken possible. Matt Haig's book brings kids to believe in magic and the goodness of Christmas! Also, This book was adapted to become a movie and now is available on Netflix. You can find the book here.

3. Nutcracked by Susan Adrian 
(Ages: 8-12 years)


One of the best parts of Christmas is watching the Nutcracker ballet performance, but living it is even better! Georgie has always wanted to learn ballet to perform the Nutcracker, and when she gets the chance finally, she obviously doesn't let it go. She forgets everything around her, and her dream comes literally true each time she dances, but that is until she's stuck in the world of the Nutcracker, her best friend is in danger, and her whole life is falling apart. She must do something to save the day until it is too late. A perfect Christmas gift to any kid that aspires or loves the Nutcracker. You can find the book here.

4. The Christmasaurus
by Tom Fletcher 
(Ages: 7-9 years)

The Christmasaurus

This is the story of William Trundle being stuck in a wheelchair, and he lives with his dad. Things are good, but until one day, Brenda Payne, the meanest possible girl from school, makes William feel uncomfortable and different from his friends and classmates. Little does he know that far, far away in the North Pole somewhere lives a lonely dinosaur, Christmasaurus, who feels just as different from others around him. On Christmas eve, fates put the two likely misfits in together for a potential fitting friendship and lots of adventure. You can find the book here.

5. Good Night, Santa: A Magical Christmas Story by DK 
(Ages: 1-3 years

Good night, Santa

Good Night, Santa is an adorable board book story of a young girl desperate to meet Santa. In the story, the little girl goes on a journey to meet Santa and her companion, Teddy and makes acquaintances with many magical and fun fox cubs, Mrs. Owl and Mr. Cool Cat. 

But, unfortunately, she soon learns that Santa only visits children when they are in their bed and fast asleep. But will she still be able to wish Santa goodnight? It is a great gift for toddlers or little kids who can't read books by themselves. You can find the book here.

6. The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling 
(Ages: 8-12 years)

The Christmas Pig

If your kid likes Harry Potter, you're obligated to read this book on Christmas. Jack has a favorite toy, Dur Pig, aka DP. However, something terrible happens on Christmas eve - DP is nowhere to be seen. Soon, DP is replaced with a Christmas Pig, but nothing feels the same. So, it only seems wise that Jack finds his favorite toy, and he's not alone. So, with the magic of Christmas miracle like no other, all of his toys come alive and set forth on a journey to find DP. This book is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Toy Story movies. You can find the book here.

7. Peppa's Christmas Wish by Peppa Pig 
(Ages: 2-4 years)

Peppa's Christmas Wish

Peppa Pig is a British animated cartoon TV series famous across the world. This board book offers an enjoyable and colorful Christmas reading experience about Peppa and George planning all the presents they wish to have on Christmas. But when Granny Pig asks them to help her with an essential festive job, Peppa gets to make a special wish to Santa. The question is willing her unique desire to be granted? You can find the book here.

8. The Night I Met Father Christmas by Ben Miller 
(Ages: 8 years and up)

The Night I Met Father Christmas

The Night I Met Father Christmas talks about a young boy who knows all about Christmas that there is to know. But what he does not know yet about Christmas is how the father of Christmas became the father of Christmas. This book counts on retelling the best classic Christmas tales with a unique twist on the origin of Christmas. 

Since the author of this book, Ben Miller is a fantastic comedian himself, his voice really highlights the humor in the story and is sure to make your little one giggle once in a while. In addition, the illustrations are impeccable and beautiful throughout the book! You can find the book here.

9. The Secret of the Snow by Thea Stilton 
(Ages: 7-10 years)

The Secret of the Snow

Thea Stilton is an animated mouse character. In this story, Thea Stilton and her sisters together venture out on an adventure to an enchanted land of magical lotuses, based on Japanese origin, trying to figure out why the lotuses are disappearing one after the other. 

In addition, they must discover the secret of lotus flowers and whether they can trust the many creatures they meet on the way. This is an excellent Christmas-themed book for kids that widens their outlook and learning abilities. You can find the book here.

10. The Snowman by Raymond Briggs 
(Ages: 1-5 years)

The Snowman

The Snowman
by Raymond Briggs is a Christmas classic, narrating the story of the onset of an adventure that begins right after a snowman comes to life. This board book brings excellent illustrations, as vivid as accurate, and contains various stills from each written story of the Christmas classic that kids can easily immerse themselves in. You can find the book here.

11. Goodnight, Krampus by Derek Sullivan
(Ages: 1-7 years)

Goodnight, Krampus

We've all heard of Santa Claus or St. Nicholas on Christmas but has anyone ever heard of the nasty shadow brother of Santa Claus that punishes kids who have been immoral by kidnapping them in Christmas month? No? Well, meet Krampus. 

In December and especially on the eve of Christmas, Santa has a lot on his plate, but his biggest challenge is to keep his evil shadow brother, Krampus, in his bed. Will he succeed, or will Krampus go out hunting for kids again? Find out by reading this adorable and funny board book! You can find the book here.
12. Clifford's First Christmas by Norman Bridwell 
(Ages: 4-12 years)

Clifford's First Christmas

Clifford, the big red dog, is very excited about this Christmas! He even helps his family put the tree and the decorations, but he just can't go to sleep even after he's been tucked in his bed. Then, as he slowly gets out of his bed to spend some more time near the tree and investigate, he ends up accidentally falling inside someone's stalking! Now, who will come to Clifford's rescue? Don't worry, because Santa is on his way! You can find the book here.

13. I Spy Christmas by Little Llama Press 
(Ages: 2-5 years)

I Spy Christmas

This is an entertaining Christmas-themed activity book that any kid would love. It has coloring pages and Christmas-related puzzles and quizzes to solve that will keep your kids busy in the Christmas season and will help improve their brain-hand-eye coordination skills. You can find the book here.

14. Teeny Tiny Santa
by Rachel Matson 
(Ages: 1-3 years)

Teeny Tiny Santa

An adorable board book about a teeny tiny fox who lives in a teeny-tiny village. He dreams that Santa will never be able to pay the little fox a visit because he's so tiny. But little does he know, on Christmas, anything can happen! The story is told through cute little illustrations, bouncy rhymes, and lots of magic and wonder! A great book to gift your child this Christmas. You can find the book here.

15. The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever by Steven Kroll 
(Ages: 4-8 years)

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

This is Desmond and Clayton's story, for when the winter approaches and the wind turn chill, the two of them are determined to find big trees to celebrate Christmas. The question is, who will find the most giant Christmas tree ever! The book contains beautiful illustrations, which would make a great Christmas gift for any kid who has a passion for stickers! You can find the book here.

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