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May 13, 2021

My Rating - 1 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Harper Collins
Genre - Children's Fiction/Classic 
Publishing year - 1951
Language - English
ISBN - 978-0-00736367-4
Pages - 240

Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

My Review - 

Oh boy! Finally, I finish reading this book after considering quitting it at least four to five times. C.S. Lewis's second book in publication order and the fourth in chronological order, Prince Caspian, is not at all engaging. 

The whole time I had only two thoughts - first, why it's not finished yet, and second, the movie was fantastic, but this book is utter trash. The plot revolves around Termarines (humans) and how they rule Narnia. 

Their prince was betrayed by his uncle and decided to call the old Kings and Queens, i.e., Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Caspian wants revenge and rules Narnia; the four siblings and Narnians help him achieve his dream.

Now, let's start with the problems that I have with this book - 

1. The narration is boring and dull.
2. Characters are irritable and have no growth whatsoever. 
3. The siblings show no maturity, even though they grew old in Narnia in the first book, chronologically wise. 
4. Aslan's character seems out of place because there is no solid reason for his coming or going on different occasions. 
5. The author needlessly stretches the story with useless descriptions. 
6. Final nail in the coffin is these lines written by C.S. Lewis -

  • Then she saw the Lion, screamed and fled, and with her fled her class, who were mostly dumpy, prim little girls with fat legs.
  • Maenads whirled her around in a merry dance and helped her take off some of the unnecessary and uncomfortable clothes she was wearing.

In both, the sentence C.S. Lewis talked about teenage school girls. The way he represents the story seems outrageous. First, he does body shaming, and second, when Ivy (a human girl) decides to join Aslan's army, he mentions that they remove her clothes. There is no mention that Ivy asked them to do that or if she had any problems with her clothing. But it definitely portrays the author's sick mind. 

I also didn't like the previous book, The Horse and His Boy, and I hoped that this one was different because I watched the movie and loved it. But I was wrong, and I decided not to read the following three books in the series, at least for now. 

Maybe I'll pick them in the future, maybe not. So my advice to those who only watched the movies and did not read the books, please stick to the films in this case. C.S. Lewis's book will ruin your memories of Narnia. 

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