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May 27, 2021

My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher - LightEn
Genre - Non-Fiction/Spirituality
Publishing year - 2021
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1838469603
Pages - 320

Inner Alchemy Books

My Review - 

Inner Alchemy is first published in the year 1989. Due to what's going on globally, Zulma Reyo decides to revise and update the content to make it more suitable for everyone. It is essential to keep our mind and body sane, especially in the times of COVID-19. Apart from this, the world is facing many other issues, and as an individual, we require inner peace more than ever. 

The fundamental question that arises is - What does Inner Alchemy mean?

Inner Alchemy refers to growth from the lower self to the higher self. In a simpler term, it is about an understanding of your surroundings, needs of your body and mind in a way that we never think about or focus on. It's about the overall inner transformation to attain a path of true wisdom. 

In this common-sense manual for cognizance, one can discover how the human dynamics of creation, power, and energies work. The book is divided into six parts: human forces, energy fields & circulation, the control of feeling & tremors, celestial happenings, soul bonds, varying dimensions of consciousness, Karma, etc. It is filled with unique techniques, practices, and approaches to improve one's lifestyle, accompanied by artistic illustrations. The language is also lucid and grammatical error-free. 

We don't reflect on our lifestyle, the food we eat, the dreams we saw, or even our surroundings most of the time. Zulma Reyo wants us to do that, reflect on ourselves, live a wholesome life, and work on getting better each day. In part six, the author mentions practical suggestions for cleaning our physical, emotional, and mental bodies; that whole section was my personal favorite, and I'll revisit it. 

If you're into spirituality or want to understand Inner Alchemy, this is one of the best books. I know that spiritual growth takes time, and it has to come from inside; no one can force you, and if you ever want to begin your spiritual journey, read this book because it is thorough and will answer all your questions. I highly recommend it. 

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