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May 5, 2021

Are you one of those who finds writing book reports a tedious activity? You’ll change your opinion when you find out how many exciting and fun ways to present a book report. You should use all your imagination as a book report writer with professional skills - check the most original ideas for beginners and get inspired.

Book Review Ideas

Creative Ways to Tell about the Book You Read -

Just have a closer look at the awesome original book report ideas. You’ll definitely find the one you would like to realize when you’re assigned to write a book review. By the way, who said that you must write it on a sheet of paper? You can do it in other places.
1. Write a book review on a cake. It must be the most delicious way to present a book. You can divide a cake into a number equal to your number of chapters. One piece of cake - one episode of the book to read and taste.

2. A book report in the form of a cheeseburger. It’s another excellent idea for presenting the book. Write about the characters, the book ideas, etc., on each new layer of the cheeseburger book report project.

3. Present main book ideas on the board. Just take a board and attach pics and key book ideas in the form of phrases. Make the content visual.
4. Prepare a book report on the T-shirt. It’s one of the creative ways to prepare a book report. You can take a white T-shirt you don’t wear and draw pictures of it using special paint. Then, write the characters' names as if you were using an ordinary sheet of paper.
5. Create your own book based on the one you’ve read. Imagine you’re the writer who wants their book to be published. Write your own version of the book, including illustrations and all of the chapters. Don’t forget about the contents.
6. Take a sheet of paper and place the main event or character in the center. Then, draw lines and explain how all other characters and events are related to the central book character (event).
7. Retell the story with your own words in the main character's costume. If you don’t want to write a report, you can perform this task orally. However, a teacher will be impressed if you wear a dress associated with the main character and tell the book's plot as you were them.
8. Make a book report in the form of a pizza. It’s one of the lovely ideas on how to present a book. Each piece of pizza should contain important information from the book. One slice of pizza - one part of the story. You can make a box for it to look like the real one.
9. Take a bag and place all the associated items with your favorite book chapter. You should choose the moment you like most and describe it using things that will make your story visually.
10. Make a collage from various pictures from magazines and newspapers. You can visit the library and collect data to help you create a collage presenting some portion of the book.
11. Create a 3-D book report. It’ll be fun and look great. Draw pics that illustrate the book’s chapter and make your story in the form of a 3-D model.

12. Present the book in the form of a timeline. You should use paper and write all critical events in chronological order.

13. Make a hanger for your story. Use a clothes hanger that holds your characters and pieces of paper, each telling a part of the story.

14. Make a video with the scene from the book. You can draw the main characters and talk to them. It will look fantastic and entertaining.
15. Make a paper ball with 10-12 panels. Write the main ideas from the book on each board. You can make several balls and let your classmates read statements one by one and give the ball to the next.

16. Create cards for each book character. Make cards with the picture of the characters and write the quote for each one.

17. Write a book report in the form of a letter you address to the book author. Tell them about the things you like or dislike. The letter should be written in the form of a discussion.

18. Make a charm bracelet with several descriptions of the most unforgettable events. It can be a wrist bracelet with thin pieces of paper or other material where you could write or draw the main ideas from the plot.

19. Write 10 facts you haven’t known before reading the book. Then, read the list of points to your peers.

20. Make a report in a TV box and show pictures of the most enjoyable events. Take any box/carton for this and move photos as if there were a screen.

21. Rewrite the book your own way explaining why you would act another way if you were the main character.

22. Write a book report in the form of questions and answers. Imagine that you are the author who is interviewed on the book's theme.

23. Create a report in the form of a brochure with pictures and quotes you liked. You can show it to the class when making an oral report.

24. Draw a poster of the book with the main climax idea. Let your classmates guess what it means.

25. Let several people from your class read dialogues from your favorite scene. It can be dramatic reading. Then, discuss the roles with them.

Hope these ideas will help you entertain yourself and fall in love with the book report activity.

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