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April 27, 2021

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Children's Fiction
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-63714-774-0
Pages - 66

My Review - 

Koko Story is a debut book written by Mahuaa Banerjee. This short story children's book revolves around Koko, a medium-sized bear who lives with her family in the Kingdom of Bears. She has three kids Jhumko, Chumko, and Thumko, and a loving husband named Kaka.

She was living a happy life until one day, she started experiencing distinct worlds and their creatures. Each story gives Koko an unusual sense and perception, but the central point is that she always comes home to her family. But in the last tale, she encounters a Yeti who wants Koko to stay with her, and she faces the dilemma of leaving her family or attain eternal peace. What will Koko do after all her adventurous explorations? 

The author portrays Koko as a gullible and naive bear. She has no idea why she encounters the magic or those strange dreams. But I guess it's okay because, in the end, this book is for children, and I'm sure they will like Koko's fearsomeness and endearing characteristics. 

As for adults, you can read this story to your little ones. Mahuaa Banerjee tried her best to make the stories enlightening and educational with some hilarious character names. Koko cared for her family a lot, and I seldom felt that the author derives inspiration from Indian homemakers. 

The language is simplistic, and the book is adorned with artistic illustrations. If your child enjoys sea creatures, fairies, cartoon characters like Tarzan or Mickey Mouse, space explorations, etc., then this children's book will be perfect for him/her. I recommend it.

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