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January 30, 2021

My Rating - 2 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Notion Press
Genre - Fiction/Thriller
Publishing year - 2017
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1-946556-61-5
Pages - 166

My Review - 

Misogynist Interrupted is my third read from Shyam Sundar Bulusu. Before that, I read his poetry and short story collection. This book is a compact thriller about a serial killing going on in Chennai. The plot revolved around women's safety and portrayed anti-feminist thoughts.

The killer murdered ten girls in five years, and after a year and a half, he strikes again. The police have no clue, and a retired DCP asks help from a detective named Azhagan. Being a rowdy ex-cop, Azhagan has his ways to find out the truth; he starts studying the case with his assistant cum receptionist, Meera. 

Their search leads them to the next victim, but will their hunch prove right? or the killer just playing with them? The criminal has a significant slaying style, but due to Azhagan and Meera's interference, in a rage, he starts making mistakes that guide the authority to the right way. The police and detective work together without any bad blood or thinking about who will take credit, which is a new aspect I found in this book. 

Things that didn't work for me - The grammatical error always throw me in a bad mood, and then I feel that the characters didn't grow or develop maturely with the time, so I could not connect with them. There is a lack of darkness in this book, and don't get me wrong; if I'm reading a thriller about serial killing, I need the opacity, moral greyness, the mystery around the characters, and a plot that gave me goosebumps, which was missing. I wish that the author spent much time developing Mani's personality, and providing his back story in detail will work much better for the readers. 

Things that work for me will work for you too - There is an advantage to a short book. You'll finish it in a few hours, and it helps you get out of a reading slump. The language is also lucid, so you don't have to spend time googling meanings. 

I know that this book didn't create wonders for me, but it does have an audience, and it is best suitable for newbies looking for a fast-paced and short crime fiction novel. 

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