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January 20, 2021

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Publisher - Self-Published
Genre - Religion
Publishing year - 2020
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1736155219
Pages - 614

My Review - 

Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar's book Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids is based upon the real-life stories of Sai Baba of Shirdi (a Hindu God). Hemadpant wrote the original edition in the Marathi language in 1930, later translated into English by N V Gunaji

This version is written for kids to understand Sai Baba's miracles and instill faith at a young age. The author experienced many blessings throughout his life, but the primary one was at the age of ten. The book includes a brief description of Sai Baba, so if you have no idea who he is, don't worry; you'll get the gist. 

It is divided into 51 parts subdivided further. After every story, the author includes a set of questions related to the account you read. Answering them will help the reader remember the details, especially if a kid enjoys this part. In the end, Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar provides answers to all the questions for you to sum them up.

The book delves deep into the life of Sai Baba from the start to the end. Baba's philosophy is explained in simple language. This book is a treat for all Sai devotees. Each anecdote inspired me differently; my husband and in-laws are exceptional believers in Sai Baba, and after reading this book, I understand why.

Being a Jain, I believe in a different god, but my parents taught me to have faith in another holy being that won't hurt anyone, so when the author told me to recite Sai's name to keep evil thoughts away, I did that. As a result, I feel good, and when I say that having faith is essential, I mean it, but it is up to you to follow the path where you find peace. 

From a writing POV, the narration is smooth and grammatical error-free. The author simplifies even the most minor words that I don't like much, but if a kid or any foreigner reads this book, they will surely not be lost.

It took me a long time to finish this book because my goal was not merely to review it but also to absorb its knowledge and teachings. Therefore, if you pick this book, I suggest you read it slowly and steadily. I recommend it to children as well as adults. 

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