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September 27, 2020

Everyone faces problems in their life. Do you think about why it happens, why people make mistakes and regret them?


I have an answer, it is because they are not improving, yes, self-improvement is important.


So, what is self-improvement? It means bettering yourself by noticing your past mistakes, reading self-improvement books, knowing people about their mistakes, and much more.


Books produce a big impact on people’s life. And many highly successful people also give their precious time to read books and improve themselves. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, etc., all are book readers.


So today, we are talking about the top 4 books for self-improvement.

1. Atomic Habits -

I have already written an atomic habits summary, which is the pure essence of this book and explains to you, its strategy and concept in an easy way.


This book is written by James Clear, and I personally love this book because it has such improving techniques that you can easily implement on time in your life.


First of all, considered know something about this book, over 1.1 million copies have sold.


The Enterprisers Project list this book in their post - “5 Best Books to Improve your Productivity”.


Forbes has also selected it as six hacks for forming good habits.


This book is perfect for those who really want to make a good habit for a long time. But they don’t.


Now let us start its overview -


First thing this book says - you should improve yourself day by day like, you should become a 1% better version of yourself every day.


Along with it, it gives the concept of the aggregation of marginal gains.


According to this concept, if you made a 1% improvement in all those things which are related to your goal, then it makes a big impact on your success.


Making anything 1% improve is not a hard deal; it is smart to work.

2. 4 Hour Work Week -

Are you lazy? Are you not getting results because of your laziness? Do you want to get results even when you are a lazy person?


So, this book is for you, yes, it is true to get success in your work even when you are a lazy person.


For it, you have to work as a smart person. So, what do smart people do?


This book tells us strategies and techniques which smart people follow; they increase their income without increasing any hour in a week.


Before that, let’s talk about this book, it is written by Tim Ferriss, who is a productivity expert.


He is an American entrepreneur, author, and many more. The estimated net worth is 100 million dollars.


Its copies have sold more than 2.1 million till now in 40 different languages. This book spent time on the list of New York Times bestselling books.


After reading the above, you can guess the significance of this book.


Some points from the book which will help you -


Concept of Wealth - suppose there are two people; the first one earns more money than the second one per month. Here, most people consider the first person richer than the second person. But it is not true every time because wealth and money are not equal.


What if the second person invests his money on assets, then according to assets valuation, the second person is richer than the first one.


Always keep in mind, that money loses its original value every day due to inflation, but wealth increase day by day; if you invest in the right places.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad -

This book is written by Robert Kiyosaki. Basically, it shows the author's inspirational story through which we get the teaching of his rich father. Along with it, we also see the comparison between the rich and poor mindsets people.


Through his rich father's teaching, we get some financial knowledge in a practical manner with examples and his own experiences about it.


This book gives us very great value and adds a rich mindset to our minds.


Therefore, it has more than 32 million copies worldwide, is translated into 51 different languages, and is distributed in 109+ countries.


Let’s take a small overview of this book -


Rich people focus on learning; they learn new things like the market, new technology, etc.


But the poor focus on only earning because he has not a passive source of income; that’s why he has to work daily to earn money.


But rich people learn and explore new things and invest money in them and make passive income without working daily.


This is one of the greatest differences between the rich and the poor, I found in this book.

4. Think and Grow Rich -

It is written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, Basically, this book will you with your financial problems.


Nowadays, financial problems are mostly seen in people because they do have not sufficient financial education. They don’t know how money works?


In this book, Napoleon Hill explains very well the flow of money and many more. This book is based on over 20 years of research on 500+ successful people.


That’s why it is sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.


It ranked sixth in Business Week Magazine as the best-selling paperback.


Some important points from this book -


Burning Desire - Make a goal to achieve it.

Become an expert in one thing.

Become a persistent person.

Spend more time with those people who are optimistic, helpful, and kind.


It is a very great and life-changing book; I also get excellent and valuable knowledge from this book, and I especially recommend this book to students because student life is a very initial stage of our life.


At that time, if the student will already knows such valuable knowledge, then it will be a great thing for him or her.


These are four books which will help you with different-different problems. These books can explain, and teach you but the implementation of such techniques is in your hands.


When you start the application, then after some time, you will see a positive impact on your life.


I have already read all the above books, and I got valuable things that opened my mind. I suggest you read those books.


So read, learn, and implement. It is the one-line formula for success by me.

Written by Hasib Ahmed


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