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August 1, 2020

My Rating - 2 out of 5 stars
Publisher - M & S Publishing
Genre - Fiction/Satire
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-0-578-54425-0
Pages - 282

My Review - 

As the name suggests, The Final Weekend is a story of friends and how they spend their last weekend with each other before their work starts. They spent the whole time getting drunk, pulling pranks on each other. Harry and Justin are best friends, so are Ling-Ling and Courtney. Trent is unemployed, Clarence soon joins the police force. Schroeder is their friend but also provides them with the best bud. 

The next character is Professor Goodkat, a self-obsessed narcissist. They all admire his quality of getting laid without facing any consequences. The story is more like who sleeps with whom and retaining the shit they had done in the past four years, including childhood recollections. They all try their best to cherish each and every moment. 

Ling-Ling and Justin have a feeling for each other, but they never acted upon it, and with the limited time, now they have to work upon it before it gets too late. Harry and Courtney's relationship are purely based on lust. All of them are crazy and curse each other in every single conversation. The narrative has some deep meaning in the form of sarcasm at a few points. But again, their impulsive behaviors pulls me out of it and leave me with their fucked-up fantasies. 

The story is fast-paced and unusual. I like the narration but didn't like the depiction of genders. The characters are highly unlikeable, and I don't think if anyone can connect with them. Their whole objective is to get drunk and laid, and at some points, it feels way too much. The last two chapters were intriguing, and I wished that the whole story was like that, but it is not. 

For me, this book didn't work. The author stretches the story too much, and it lost its purpose amid sexist characters. It lacks twists and turns and a meaningful end. But I admire Neal Cassidy's efforts in writing such a bold and raw story depicting American youth unfiltered. It is written for a certain age and people for sure. Pick this book only if you're into satire, dark comedy, and erotic works.

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