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A father lost his son, a sister lost his brother, and as a viewer, we all lost a bright star. The word Why is on everyone's lips because we want to know the reason; behind the drastic step he took. It will not help him, but it will help others because the topic of Depression is trending once again. People will talk about it, post on social media, cry about it, but will it make any difference? I think it will somehow. There was a time when people don't know about it, but now they are talking about it, telling their friends to come forward and have a chat. They are trying to make a change even a little, and it is a significant start. 

But will it end after two days, like every other news??? No one ever thinks that loneliness and negative thoughts affect a person very strongly, sometimes you've heard get over it, don't use that. Trust me, instead of doing good, you will make things worse. That person will stop sharing his/her feelings with you, and it's hard to open up, like really hard. All we need someone who is a good listener. So, left your judgemental opinions at your home; if you really want to help. 

I don't know about the world, but I'll never forget you. I love your smile. Rest in Peace, Sushant Singh Rajput.

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