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June 16, 2020

1. The Psychology of Selling

Every business needs a good selling technique. Every entrepreneur knows that it is a success key for their business. This book by Brian Tracy gives you some strategies and ideas on how to focus on selling and how to sell your product and your ideas. In this book, you can learn some valuable things which are required for your business. It tells us that having the right product is not enough for business if you don't know how to approach any person and make them fall in love with your product. Brian Tracy covers some significant points for business. 

  • The inner game of selling 
  • Set And Achieve All your Sells Goals
  • Why People Buy 
  • Creative Selling’s 
  • Getting More Appointments
  • The power of Suggestion
  • Making the sell
  • 10 keys to success in selling

2. The $100 Startup 

This book should read who is interested in starting their own business. Chris Guillebeau’s who wrote this book, tells us some inspiring stories of some people who made $50,000 with some less investment. He also covers up more than 50 most interesting stories. With the help of this book, you can improve your skills and meet your passion. There are 14 lessons of The $100 Startup:

  • Renaissance
  • Give them the fish
  • Follow Your Passion
  • The rise of roaming entrepreneur
  • The new demographics
  • The one-page business plan 
  • An offer you can't refuse
  • Launch!
  • The gentle art of self-promotion
  • Show me the money
  • Moving on up
  • How to franchise yourself
  • Going Long
  • But what if I fail?

3The E-Myth Revisited

This book breaks all myths and makes you a successful entrepreneur. In this book, Michael E. Gerber tells us that there are many misconceptions about starting your own business and become a successful entrepreneur. All these misconceptions, flaws, and myths are broken down in these books and give you a new perspective of differentiating between working on your business and working in your industry.

4. The Entrepreneur Mind 

Kevin D. Johnson knows that every thought firstly comes into our minds. If you think about negative thoughts, your day will not end well. This book helps the entrepreneur to change their mindset and be a successful entrepreneur. Johnson gives us a different way to start, think about your business, grow it, and make it last longer. At the end of this book, it teaches you to get back up whether there are too many problems. 5 lessons of The Entrepreneur Mind:

  • Research and work on your ideas.
  • Surround yourself with a team.
  • Patience and Determination.
  • Passion.
  • Be a people person.

5Rich Dad Poor Dad

It's another excellent book for every entrepreneur to read. Robert Kiyosaki’s books teach about financial education, which is not given in school. This book is beneficial for every entrepreneur's dream. With this book's help, you get a new way of thinking about business, and you can also think about whether you want to do 9-5 jobs, school grades, etc. This book teaches you how to make an entrepreneurial’s dream come true. There are 6 lessons you get in this book. 

  • The Rich Don't work for money.
  • Why teach Financial Literacy?
  • Mind your own Business
  • The History of taxes and The Power of Corporations.
  • The Rich Invent Money
  • Work to learn-Don't Work for Money.

6. Zero To One 

This book is for those who don't have enough business knowledge and want to start a business. Zero to One name implies that you have to start building and learning from zero to one. 

Author Peter Theil discusses great success about how to start from scratch. It is an excellent book for every entrepreneur who wanted to do new things and start their business. Even if when we tried to do new things, we have to start from 0 to 1. In this book, you learned many lessons from zero to one book:

  • Don't copy, create
  • Solve Big Problems
  • Don't Compete
  • Try new and different ways.
  • Innovate
  • Create Your monopoly
  • Network meeting 
  • Plan long term goals
  • Follow 80-20 rule
  • Creating value
  • Do more with less
  • Take responsibility
  • Define clear rules for team members

There are many lessons you learned in this book. Start your business from Zero to one. 

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

It is a more popular book for every entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur should read this book once because Stephen Covey tells us how individually we can do things. Covey says that we think and assume things or the world in our own perceptions, but if we want to change the given situation and solve the problems, we have to change ourselves first. While changing ourselves, we must change our perceptions. This book teaches us how to change our perceptions, develop new things, and build a strong relationship with our clients. Covey says that we must learn new habits to develop our relationship with our clients:

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put First things First.
  • Think win-win
  • Understand First, then understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the saw

Here are 7 key lessons or 7 habits that we can admire that insight us. Every entrepreneur should read this book and grow there highly effective practices of its business. 

8. The Lean Startup

Another best book for the entrepreneur to teach new things about the business. The lean startup book teaches us about what our customers really want. Eric Ries believes that every entrepreneur should take care of their customer, but most of the time, some entrepreneurs can't adapt to these things quickly. This book teaches us how to scan the mind of our
customers. Most of the start-up business believes that progress must be going faster, but Ries that founders of the company also need to learn how to tackle failures and again start from zero. In this process, you need to take care of your customer. These book categorized into 3 sections:

  • Vision 
  • Steer
  • Accelerate

Although there are 3 categorizations, also divided into 5 critical part:

  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere
  • Entrepreneurship is Management 
  • Validated Learning
  • Build-Measure-Learn
  • Innovation Accounting

Lean Startup means that build something that customer exactly wants. Don't spend lots of time making something which nobody wants. I hope the list I provide here for the best books about entrepreneurship helped you.

Written by Mrunal Rohad

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