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May 24, 2020

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - BookBaby
Genre - Non-Fiction/Psychology
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-1543987874
Pages - 127

Learn to Love

My Review - 

Learn to Love is a product of 30 years of clinical research done by psychoanalyst and psychologist Dr. Thomas Jordan. He helped his patients to live a healthy love life, and now with this book, he guides the readers like you and me. Now the question is how one can learn to love? Before that, we need to understand what is love and how it affects us?

When someone asked you about your first love, your mind revolves around your first boyfriend/girlfriend. The first heartbreak and all, but our first interaction started when we were born. Whatever you learned or see in your house affects your love lives in the later years. Most people don't know about it; they behave in a pattern that sometimes turns their relationship into a toxic one. 

Once in a while, you asked yourself why the same thing happened to me; all the time or why you did not find the perfect person? The answer is not easy, but it lies in our subconscious minds. According to the author, your exposure to specific unhealthy relationship experiences will unknowingly teach you how to act in a love relationship. The feelings like suspicion, abuse, abandonment, neglect, control affect our capacity to love wholeheartedly. This negativity comes from our past love experiences or from our parents. 

This book shows a way to unlearn these feelings, so one can live a happy life. I know it is easy to jump from one partner to another, but at some point, we need to stop that and start working on ourselves. Thomas Jordan shares techniques to unlearn and then re-learn to grow and comprehend yourself. He provided a list of unhealthy relationship experiences to help us understand the issues. 

The author shares his own struggles that influence his love life and how did he subdue it. The book is very informative, but I felt the content is monotonous in some places. I'll advise you to read this book slowly to absorb the instructions. The book gave a clear idea about a healthy and unhealthy relationship, how to avoid it, and deal with your emotions. The only thing we can control in a love relationship is the way we relate to love. I enjoy reading this book; it provides insights that we all need to stay happy in a love alliance. 

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