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March 22, 2020

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Puffin Classics
Genre - Classic/Fiction
Publishing year - 1870
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-0-141-37756-8
Pages - 310

My Review - 

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea is a classic book about submarine and sea expedition. We all heard about Captain Nemo or watched movies based on him. However, Jules Verne creates an underwater world that breathes taking. 

Ned Land, a harpooner, Professor Pierre Aronnax, and his servant Conseil, with a team of men, set out to find a mysterious creature of the sea. But they were imprisoned at Nautilus by Captain Nemo. He treats them well, but they are not allowed to go back to land. Captain Nemo is generous but ruthless at the same time. His secrets attract the professor, and soon he becomes part of Captain Nemo's expedition. 

They traveled different seas, unveiled magnificent creatures, and ruined cities. While the professor was pleased with the events, Ned Land wanted to escape the submarine. The expression dead men tell no tale fits here because if one has to leave the Nautilus, they should be stagnant. I presume it is one reason why Captain Nemo bestows almost all the ship's functioning with the professor. 

What will happen when the professor and Ned Land share different notions of their states? Is Captain Nemo actually a good man, or is it all just a pretense?

The professor narrates the story, which makes it exciting because his character is inquisitive all the time. Conseil's personality seems like a slave because he has no opinions; he is always ready to do whatever his master says. While Ned Land is firm, I felt like he is just there to remind the professor that they don't belong to Nautilus. Caption Nemo is the real deal; secretive, sensitive, brutal, stubborn, and fearless. Professor tried a lot to know why he built the submarine, why he left the land, and hated politics so much, but the Caption has a persona that no one could decode. 

What I like - 

  • Smooth narration.
  • The story is fast-paced and fun.
  • The language is lucid.
  • The expeditions of different places seem surreal. 
  • The fights with deadly creatures were formidable. 

If you love books based on sea creatures, voyages, submarines, then pick it right now. I enjoy reading it and hope you'll too. 

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