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February 23, 2020

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Published by - Author's Channel
Genre - Fantasy
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English
ISBN - 978-81-936602-6-3
Pages - 403

My Review - 
Duty is a heavy sword to bear, yet one that every warrior must embrace.

The Pearl of Immortality is the first book in The Sands of Time series penned by Nishi Chandermun. This fantasy novel revolves around light and dingy magic, where two boys from Earth find themselves in a whole new world. The cover page is excellent. I loved it. 

Kaspar and Xerxes find a mysterious lamp on the Earth that teleports them into a new planet called Ishtar. They were dissociated and found themselves in different dimensions of the same planetoid. According to legends, they both must fulfill their responsibilities and save the magical world. Xerxes's destiny is to become Dragonheart. So, he can get rid of Naga's race. To do that, he was sent on a mission to retrieve a pearl of his dragon Sesha. He was accompanied by Nab, his master, and an elf Siri. 

While Kaspar was accommodated by Horus in Amarok. He learned that he brought a bow that led him to the king of Amarok and his daughter, Zara. He soon discovers that he is a Veerkah warrior, a species of wolf. Xerxes and Kaspar have to fight evil and accept their fate. The Naga king and queen also want the pearl to destroy everything created by Elder Gods. 

Kaspar and Xerxes were both at different places and trying to understand their reality, but they also think of each other and wish for each other's well-being. They face a lot of quandaries in the whole book. However, with the help of their new friends, they overcome all the obstacles. The dragon and Xerxes share a special bond, and it is notable. With the help of Nab, Xerxes embraces the magic inside him. 

There are so many personalities in the book, so the compendium, in the end, proved helpful. I like that Nishi Chandermun developed an influential female elf role. Everyone characterizes as solicitous, apart from Nagas—Xerxes and Kaspar's confusion towards everything written down well. The magical world has different stories related to every object, which makes the narrative intriguing and page-turning. The language is lucid and error-free. However, I felt that the story requires a darker side of the Naga race. So I would love to read more about it in the next book. 

Being a debutante, the author did a fabulous job. If you want to dive into a world of dragons, gods, magical objects with hidden purposes, then this book is for you. I thoroughly enjoy the novel and eagerly waiting for the second one. I recommend it to every adventure fantasy book lover out there. 

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