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February 1, 2020

Being an avid reader, did anyone ever ask you to try audiobooks, and you were like, “Why on the earth would I do that.” Owning books is an emotion, right? Most of us feel a sense of belonging towards the physical books. Folded pages and coffee stains on a book angers a bookaholic, especially when a borrower is a reason for damage. The best feeling ever for a book person is when it rains outside, and they find a cozy place with a favorite book and piping hot coffee.

While using printed books, you can get back to the point quickly if you tend to zone out. It’s a bit difficult to do so while using an audiobook. Once you get off track, it takes time to come back from where you left. Buying or designing creative and beautiful bookmarks is an exciting task. Ironically, some math experts prefer remembering the page numbers instead of using a bookmark.

For book lovers, audiobooks seem to be dry and dull. But it is not so. The visuals that get created during a reading session is the thing that fascinates us. We get carried to a different world. We feel like we have entered the world of fiction, and we almost talk, laugh, and cry with the characters.

Did you ever watch the movie adaptation of a book that you recently read, and the name of the main character you were so confidently pronouncing was actually wrong? Audiobooks win over this point. Audiobooks are a gift for people who struggle with pronunciation and accent. Sometimes the tone and pitch play a significant role in determining what the author actually wants to say. Here the audiobooks help you out. Printed books can be confusing.

The people who spend most of their time in front of laptops and computers prefer audiobooks. Books need your complete attention. But it is not valid with audiobooks; one can enjoy audiobooks while resting or doing something else. Audiobooks make us feel like someone is reading for us. Even the people who wish to read a book but are too lazy can use audiobooks. Audiobooks have definitely increased the interest of people in literature. Gaining knowledge can now be done effortlessly.

The choice of a medium also depends on the genre. Novels can be both reads or listened to. But with individual books viz. educational books or biographies printed books are preferred. While self-help books are better off with audio medium. Motivational books hit differently when listened to, using audiobooks. Historical books create a unique effect on either of the factors. Basically, you must decide to go for either medium by considering your preference, the genre, and the availability. Or basically, anything that vibes you in.

The eternal joy you gain while reading or listening to books is priceless. You get carried to a beautiful world created by the writer. Be it printed copy or audio, one cannot deny that enjoying books is the most amazing escape from the world full of stress and problems. After all, when the destination is the same, paths don’t matter.