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November 14, 2019

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Earth Island Publishing
Genre - Crime Fiction
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-1-9997581-3-4
Pages - 133

My Review - 

Opening line - He lived by the sea, alone save for the birds that circled endlessly above his domain and the waves that had moulded and crushed the featureless coastline since the dawn of time.

Compression is a story of sin, friendship, and unpleasant certainties of life written by Tim Cundle. Two punk rock stars, Flanagan and Elliot, come back to their town for a school reunion after a decade. On the way, Flanagan feels nostalgic and remembers the days spent with Taylor, Blake, Alison, and Becky. They were close friends once, but a blunder created by Elliot parts them. 

In the town, when Flanagan meets Becky and Taylor, it makes him realize how much Elliot affects his mental peace. Becky is now a doctor, Alison works as a porn star, and Taylor is a cop. Flanagan always has a soft spot for Alison. They talk about the good old days and try to avoid the night, which tears them apart. A murder of an innocent person leaves a permanent imprint on their conscience. Some of them moved on, while some struggles with the skeletons they hide in their closet. 

Things took a turn when Taylor found out that the departments re-open the case because some people think it was a murder, not suicide. Flanagan makes peace with his dilemmas. He now has an opportunity to make a difference or remain the same as before. Obsessed with Alison, living in the shadows of Elliot, ignoring the true love, will Flanagan ever be able to live a life without fear? Will the murderer of an old man ever caught?

Sets in the '80s, Tim Cundle weave a solid piece of art with heart-wrenching illustrations. The descriptions are spell-binding. In starting, I felt the story a little boring, didn't understand where it was going, and slow-paced, but after a few pages, it changes my perspective. 

I've always said that getting tattooed was a little like losing your virginity. Before you get down to it, you hear a lot of talk about what it's like, opinions that run the gamut from the factual to the absurd. The only thing that is true is that it's just as compulsive as sex. Once you've had a bite you want more and the more you get, the more adventurous you become.

I loved the narratives and how the author highlights a punk celebrity's life, a thin line between the authenticity and the assumptions. The story is not stretched unnecessary, and the author shows the struggle of characters appropriately. I think this book is not for everyone, so if you're engrossed in compelling drama, enjoy the descriptive and tangled daydream, go for it. 

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