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July 1, 2019

My Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Publisher - The Impish Lass Publishing House
Genre - Poetry
Publishing year - 2019
Language - English 
ISBN - 978-8193948156
Pages - 86

My Review - 

Reflexiones Aleatorias by Santosh Kandalkar is a collection of 45 poems. The poetry depicts the emotional state of the author that touches the depths of the soul. Portraying the complexities of mind, life, and relationships, the verses will try to gnaw your heart. 

The fundamental theme is gratitude and dreams. The poet embarks on a journey to discover shades of human emotions as well as nonliving things. He dedicates his first poem to her beloved mother. A relationship with your mother, spouse, or friends is bound by natural and selfless love. They become an integral part of one's life, and the poet understands their importance very well. 

The language is lucid, but the cover page could have been much better. My favorite poems from this book are I am the City, and You will overcome. Every word penned down by Santosh Kandalkar will transport the readers into a different world with a different perspective. The book will help you to enhance your imagination. I would recommend this simple yet powerful work for all poetry lovers. 

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