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June 20, 2019

Title: ONCE AN ALIEN (Book Three of The Alien Chronicles)
Author: Robin Martin
Pub. Date: April 28, 2019
Publisher: Bennett Lane Press
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 320
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One super intelligent, super hot alien Zoe can handle, after all, she loves Rion. But two spells trouble, especially when it's Pandora. This sassy alien has one agenda, to have as much fun as she can before her people realize she's gone rogue and materialized in human form. Pandora charms students and teachers alike as she parties her way through the term, but still aces her studies. Even Rion is influenced by her as she challenges his beliefs and he begins to question whether he is still more alien than human. He and Zoe are finally together, but Zoe wonders for how long. She has other worries too, especially about her mother's health. Everything is changing in this final year of high school. But even though Zoe is crazy about Rion, can their new relationship last not only the ups and downs of human problems but alien ones too?

Excerpt - 

‘Whats going to happen when youre tired of playing with these humans, Pandora? Do you care about the people youll leave behind, the hearts you might have broken or the feelings you might have hurt? Have you even considered that Kerri might rather go to the formal with you rather than me?

Pandora looked at me, and for a moment I thought I glimpsed something real in her eyes. ‘Sure, Ive thought of it. Im not blind. And you know what, theres a part of me that would also rather go with Kerri than with Chad Everett. But, when I leave here, I wont care about breaking Chads heart, if he even has one, but I would care about breaking Kerris. Dont you see? Thats why I want you to ask her. I cant risk it. I cant let Kerri become to me what Zoe is to you.She turned with a whirl of hair that brushed my face and headed out the door, but not before I saw her eyes mist.  

About Robin:

Robin Martin Thomas is an author and teacher, who writes both adult and young adult romance. Her latest exciting YA Sci-Fi romance series 'The Alien Chronicles' is in stores now.

A member of the Romance Writers of Australia and Write-Links, for children's and YA writers, Robin also connects with writers and readers on her Facebook page. Her books are available online at all major retailers and in selected bookstores in Queensland, Australia.

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