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May 1, 2019

My Rating - 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Self-published
Genre - Poetry
Publishing year - 2018
Language - English 
ASIN - B079TL7244 
Pages - 110

My Review - 

Nocturne by Phil Slattery is a beautiful collection of poems based on love, distance, and the dark night. The verses were written from about 1985 to 1993. I like the simplicity of the cover page. This is my first read from this author.

The author portrays his feelings very well. The emotional, geographical, and romantic change in the author's life is shown in his writing. I read this book in one go. Every word penned down by Phil Slattery shows his thoughtfulness. The verses are straight forward, which makes them easy to read. It reflects the author's raw emotions. The collection of his work shows a specific journey and the image of a lover.

The poem is not in chronological order, and only a few of them have a title. The language is simple and easily understandable, but this book needs serious formatting. It is self-published, and the author uses different pictures to supplement his messages. I recommend this one

Read this book -

  • If you like poems.
  • If you are a newbie.
  • If you also write poems and want to learn something new.

"He sits alone

Scotch in one hand
cigarette in the other
and waits
eyeing the crowds
watching the dance floor
picking out the honies
and waits
no movement escapes his eyes
he watches every girl
as she walks past
watches who she walks in with
watches who she walks out with
the staff all know him."

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