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My Rating - 5 out of 5 stars
Published by - FingerPrint
Genre - Romance
Publishing year - 2018
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-8814-425-4
Pages - 232
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My Review - 

Everything is fair in love and war, which is love with war. Until Love Sets Us Apart by Aditya Nighhot is romantic fiction. This story is inspired by real-life incidents. This is Aditya's second book. The plot of the story is based on friendship and love.

The main characters are Aisha and Rohit. Rohit had a muscular body, straight hair, and was six feet tall. He looked like a model. Aisha had fair skin and blue eyes. She is from Delhi, while Rohit is from Pune. They pursue M.B.B.S from Bharat Medical College. They both met first at college. 

Rohit is a stud and carefree. He never takes his studies seriously. Aisha is the complete opposite. She is studious and sincere. Apart from these two, there is Alok, a small-town boy. Neha, a sarcastic one, and Kriti, a love of Alok and a good friend. 

These five spend their college life together. They share love, joy, drama, agony, horror, and everything. They always help each other no matter what the situation is. Rohit and Aisha soon fall for each other. Their relationship is perfect. They complement each other. Rohit's life has completely changed because of Aisha. She brings the best out of him. Their love story is sweet and straightforward. They all were happy until a tragedy hit their life. A tragic incident turns their world upside down. 

I will not spoil the story by telling you about the traumatic incident. It was a turning point in the story and their lives as well. They all completed their graduation. Rohit and Aisha dreamed of their marriage; Alok, Neha, and Kriti were looking forward to their post-graduation. They all were excited for Aisha and Rohit. Their love was strong, and it positively influenced everyone's life. 

We all have regrets in our life. We have dark sides as well. But we show that infrequently. It only comes out when we lose something dear to us, or someone cheats on us, leaving us alone forever. Some people forget and forgive, but some seek revenge. This story is a perfect blend of love and seeking revenge. Sometimes your emotions cloud your judgment, and you no longer are the same person you were once. 

The author describes the characters' friendship and love life in detail. I can connect with the characters. I felt their joy and pain. The writing is flawless. The story was engaging and didn't bore me. It shows the reality of our society, a harsh one. 

The author tries to bring a change to the community through this story. This book has a sad ending, leaving the reader with many questions and pain. The author creates suspense elements very well. This story touches my soul and makes me cry. 

The narration is powerful. The author narrates Aisha's relationship with her parents well. The story is described from Alok's point of view. The characters grow with the story. But I expect more from Neha and Kriti's characters. The story keeps readers hooked. The language is simple. 

At some points, the narration feels cliche. I love reading the letter written by Aisha to Rohit. Circumstances change a good person into a monster. There is a lot more about this story rather than love. All the happy moments they shared with each other will stay with you even after the story ends. I recommend this book to everyone. "To Love with Love."

"There's so much I wanna say,
Through words, I tried to convey, 
Bombastic words and colorful phrases,
I tried t use, but all in vain, poems, lyrics,
composition, too; I tried to write all that I felt.
But nothing beats these simple three words: I love you!"