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August 16, 2018

My Rating - 2.5 out of 5 stars
Publisher - Lifi Publications Pvt. Ltd
Genre - Romantic fiction
Publishing year - May 2018
Language - English
ISBN - 978-93-86191-49-6
Pages - 255
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My Review -

Heart Quake by Ishita Deshmukh is romantic fiction. It is the author's debut book. The plot of the story is based on a natural calamity that happened in Bhuj in 2001. 

The two main characters of this story are Sonal Patel and Tejas Desai. Sonal is a medical-surgical nurse, lives in Delhi. She is an ambitious and career-oriented woman. Tejas is one of India's leading cardiologists and owner of a hospital in Jaipur. He is rich but solicitous. There are other characters, too, who play an important part in this story. They are Sonal and Tejas's colleagues. 

The story started when Sonal arrived in Bhuj after the earthquake. She started working with NGO. They provide medical aid to victims of this drastic natural calamity. But helping them is not the only reason she comes to Bhuj. She wants to find her best friend, Smita. Meanwhile, Tejas's father is a businessman who only understands the language of money. That's why Tejas goes to Bhuj with a proposal to shift critical patients to their newly opened hospital. In this way, the hospital gains media exposure and credibility. He reached the same camp where Sonal is working. 

Tejas and Sonal were long lost lovers. They meet after 10 years at the camp in Bhuj. Both were shocked and lost in memories. Day by day, they grew close to each other again. Tejas believe that destiny gives him a second chance. He neither wants to waste this chance nor wants to repeat the same mistakes he made in the past. While working in the camp, Sonal develops a hearty connection with patients.

"True love is a unique emotion that forces humans to forget themselves, rise, and live selflessly for one another. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience it."

The story is not all about love. There is suspense too. Sonal and Tejas struggle with their feelings and immature decisions they made a decade ago while in the camp; sudden deaths create suspicion on everyone. The story revolves quickly. There are many emotions like pain, love, struggle, hatred, hope, and jealousy. It is a quick read. I feel a lack of depth in characters. I did not find a single character that is perfectly described by the author. I can't connect with any of the characters.  There are so many things and aspect of this story which is untouched like Tejas's family. I wanted to read more about Pooja's jealous behavior after the effect of Nilkant's confrontation or Neelam's heartbreak. The characters don't grow or develop with the story. 

"Thoughts have the power to manifest. Do not formulate negative thoughts in your mind, do not let them foster and gain strength."

I like the character of Dr. Bimal Sen, Tejas's mentor. He is like a lamp post in the dark because he always shows the right path to Tejas. Unfortunately, his character also has a tiny place in the story. But he plays an important role in Tejas's life.

"Fate may be omnipotent, but we have in us the power to choose our path. We are not mere puppets. We can make a difference. At important turning points in our lives, our choices shape our destiny. That is the subtle difference between accepting fate and carving your destiny. You are at such a crossroads. Choose carefully, then give it your best shot."

The part of Sonal's family is also not well described. Dilip, Sonal's best friend, has the ability to do more, but his character didn't get enough exposure. Even Sonal and Tejas characters were trivial. Smita's story didn't touch my heart. I like Pooja's chucklesome attitude. The way past memories are described is confusing and needs a re-read to understand what is going on. Overall, It's a nice read. The story is fast-paced and didn't bored you. 

The author tries her best, but I believe she can do much better in her next book. I also don't like the way of ending. I wanted more to read, but it's a thought-provoking story about society's harsh reality.  It's a good book for newbies. The language is simple, and the writing is flawless. I recommend it to beginners and to those who love romantic fiction

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