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December 16, 2017

Undelivered Letters by J. Alchem
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Price - Rs.49 at Kindle
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It’s a story about nine undelivered letters due to Aron Paris's negligence, a postman who has an athletic body, black hair, and clean shave oval face, and Sara Marcos's love of his life. After 23 years of their married life, they shifted to another place; while shifting, Sara found a black leather bag of Aron covered in layers of dust with few undelivered letters.

Aron immediately understands the blunder he had made. An uninvited pain had enveloped him. He forgot to deliver the letters, and thinking of those who waited for these letters makes him feel guilty. He decided to deliver the letters he should have done 20 years ago. While delivering letters, Aron experience so many emotions at the same time. It needs the courage to accept mistakes and apologize for them, but Aron has that courage and is determined to correct his mistake by delivering the letters to their recipients.

Carl, Samuel, and Cathy were three recipients of those undelivered letters. The letters left a huge impact on their lives. The way Cathy waited for her husband and took care of their daughter, Kara.
Samuels's love for Elizabeth and the way this letter shook Samuel's life. Carl impacted Bakintin Lent's life, and the way he shows the right path to Lenit was my favorite part so far. Each emotion is written in a very magnificent way that will touch your heart, and anyone can easily relate or live their lives while reading.

The author did justice with each character and is portrayed in a very manageable way. It's in a Kindle version now having the story of only three undelivered letters and will be out soon as a paperback with remaining letters and their stories. We live in an age of technology where people usually don't write letters, but it's a treat to read this and experience such a beautiful emotion for me. I would definitely recommend this to all. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions, and I'm eagerly waiting for the other letters to read as soon as they were available. It's worthy of your time. 

Some of my favorite lines from this book -

1. The love of an adventurer towards the book was inexplicable. We did not have our favorite people around, but we did ensure we had books to accompany us to those places.

2. Sometimes, you get stuck, and it took days for you to find a way through the lurch, landslides, and natural calamities. It is the life of a mountaineer.

3. You don't choose the novels; they choose you.

4. An act of perfect revenge would be ensuring that no writer commits suicide after rejection.

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